Best Front Door For A Ranch Style Home – Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my plans for designing the exterior of our house We’ve lived in a brick ranch since the 70s and lately I can’t get the idea to fix it in my head. Because additions are not practical or possible for us, these changes are definitely affordable, budget friendly (with a lot of DIY), will look updated in our home, and ultimately increase the overall value. I make a design board so that I can stick to my original idea and not be distracted by other good ideas out there.

Ultimately I want the exterior of my home to be in the Craftsman style, which is a style that has always captured my heart. If you’re in a similar situation and thinking about updating the exterior of your home, I hope this post will give you some ideas to use!

Best Front Door For A Ranch Style Home

Here’s a better look at the outside of our house to see what we’re dealing with:

A Ranch Gets Renovation

As we moved in, I gave the brick a simple white clock, which helped a bit. It’s been a good change, but I’m ready to make some big changes

Let’s start with the column, shall we? To be honest, this is something that has been bothering us (especially Bruno, my husband) since we moved in and it was the first step in all the exterior changes of the house.

We want to install some stained columns (Special Walnut by Minwax) and add a third column on either side of the front door. The color will match the planter box planted…

…with a professional looking wooden style front door Replacing a front door can take time because it is a big purchase But we will get there… 😉

Unique, Beautiful Front Door Ideas For Your Home

I would also like to update our shutters with a new craftsman style, V-groove shutters and paint them a more subdued aqua color than they had before: Sky Blue Green by Benjamin Moore. I’ll let you in on the secret – I’ve built them, but I can’t share them with you yet! 😉 But soon!

I also like the black hinge shown below, and the shutter color is similar to what we are looking for, so you can get an idea of ​​what it will look like.

Another big change will be planning to paint our brick. Half of our house (including the entire east facing side) is already white vinyl, so this will make things look more cohesive. Basically, as soon as I saw this brick ranch replacement in my heart, I was sold on our brick color. It makes such a difference!

The colors we are thinking of are warm white (but not cream), Dove White or Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

Top Trendy Ranch Style House Exterior Paint Colors

The landscape needs to be trimmed back and cleaned up a bit I’m not sure if I’m going to put boxwoods on our front porch, as I think they look bad, but I’m not sure what else to put in that flower bed. There are two small rose bushes among the boxwoods but I know if I let them grow they will block the view of the porch a bit. Suggestions are welcome!

We also want to put in new pavers leading up to the house and the patio on the side of the house. The plan is to eventually create a large enough patio area on the side of the house so we can put our trash cans there and have a basketball hoop (for my almost 11 year old). It’s about 15 feet from our house to the end of our lot, so that would leave a space about 25-30 feet long, so not a huge space but big enough for a little play. Before I gave our back yard a makeover, she would put up a basketball hoop and hang it over the pergola and play mini basketball, but I put the kibosh on that while I put in furniture and light bulbs. Since then

So that’s about it! What do you think of my exterior design? I think these projects will take at least a year to complete, so stay tuned for more progress posts on this one. But I was very happy with the idea of ​​keeping it to myself – My front door needs major repair I had a Schlage pad lock in my last house and I loved it If I love it, I mean LOVE it! I can never find the key to the front door There is something convenient about getting in without tea Good for friends and family who can’t access my home Great if I have to carry luggage in the car and my 5 year old can open the door for me Then to finish the one I used in front of me is connected to an app on my phone and sends me message every time my door is locked and unlocked. It gives me so much peace of mind The second I moved into my new home I knew this was one of the first things I wanted to add to the new home I wanted a new front door to go with the new hardware So we did that

In case you forgot, this is how the house looked when we first bought it I mean just looking at this picture reminds me of how far we have come

What Is The Best Material For An Exterior Door?

This is the original door and hardware from when the house was built in the 80’s We lived in the house for over a year when we finally replaced the doors and hardware so I painted the doors black while I waited to get new doors. It helped a second because I painted the house before installing the doors (which you can see in this post here). I really needed a new door and to make it worse the door hardware was completely broken so the door wouldn’t open and open 4 months ago the door wouldn’t close without using all my body strength and my kids couldn’t even close it So to say I was ready for a new door and hardware, this it’s a complete let down

We cleaned up the front yard and it was great But I still need a door that really opens

After looking around for a door that I liked and felt fit the style of my home, I decided on this Shaker style door and Sidelight from Therma-Tru Benchmark, available only at Lowe’s. I absolutely love this classic looking door and I love that the door panels match the style of the original windows. The style of the sidelights also match the doors I custom ordered the doors and sidelights from Lowe’s We took measurements of our doors and our sidelights to our local Lowe’s store and our door mill partner went through everything with us. Since it was a custom size, he called us the next day. We ordered the door that day and within a few weeks the new door arrived and was ready to install Lowe had a local company they hired to install it Installation included hardware installation and was done within a day

The door only came as a primer and after looking at each one I went with this dark green color for the perfect color I mixed two different colors to get what I wanted I used Modern Masters Front Door Paint for a natural and successful combination Since I have used this paint line before and I liked it so much I went with the same door paint. It never fades and goes on so well I wanted it completely painted so I hired Johnson Paint Company in Mesa, AZ to spray paint the door and I really like how it turned out.

Front Door Ideas To Make Your Home Stand Out In 2021

I can’t put into words what a great day Love this hardware It’s literally life changing This was perfect for a new house after moving in without tea in my last house As my last home I knew Schleswig would be the way to go I know their products and have used them before so I know I love their products too I love the look of it. The hardware I went to was Schlage

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