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Looking for a cordless garden tool system? Read our full guide, then check out our best picks, from budget to premium models.

Best Garden Tools Brand Uk Reviews

When it comes to mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, or raking leaves, we rely on gasoline and garden tools to handle these tasks. However, the development of cordless tools is proving to be a game changer: an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and corded power tools, many now use lithium-ion batteries that can be connected to the same power supply line. items, including DIY tools, making them a more cost-effective option.

Dewit Garden Tools

As exciting as this new technology is, the jargon that comes with it is also a bit confusing. To help, we’ve put together a cordless garden tool buyer’s guide that contains all the information you need to confidently choose the best cordless garden tool for you.

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There are several brands of wireless device systems, we have listed the most popular ones below. And if you’re looking for a cordless tool in particular, see how different tools fit in our series of best hedge trimmers, best cordless washing machines and best pressure washers.

The PowerShare circuit uses a 20V battery that can be used with DIY power tools in the same circuit.

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Read the Bosch Power For All 18V Cordless System review and the Rotak 32Li review, as well as the ALS2500 Leaf Blower review and the EasyHedgeCut 12-35 review, both of which won Gardeners World’s Best Buy award.

How To Clean Garden Tools

Read our review of the Makita DLM460PT2 Cordless Lawn Mower, which won Gardener’s World Magazine’s Best Buy award, and the Makita DUH551Z Hedge Trimmer review.

These are separate devices, sold separately, and can often be chosen with or without a battery and charger. Therefore, after buying your first device, battery and charger from one area, you need to buy “bare” equipment from the same area in the future. Available tools may include:

Cordless devices can require a bit of preparation before charging your battery – there’s nothing more annoying than waiting for the battery to charge when you’re ready to start the task at hand.

If your wireless device uses a rechargeable battery, it’s often a good idea to have a spare that can be used while one is in use, but batteries can be expensive because they are difficult to repair.

Power Tool Brands Compared

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries require a special charger to fit the specific battery size, but this can increase the cost. Some cordless devices do not come with a battery and charger, but others have different battery sizes to suit the area and provide more power – good news, but you need a special charger to match the size .

Think about your garden and the tools you need for different jobs, and choose your area.

Once you’ve chosen what type of cordless power tool you want, it’s time to think about power. Most brands offer a variety of cordless lawn mowers that vary in terms of power, from entry-level to high-end requirements designed for use in large gardens and by professionals.

Sometimes cordless devices can be purchased with a built in battery, in other words the battery is placed inside the device and you charge the whole device instead of just the battery, but they usually come with a battery pack included. rechargeable – usually lithium-ion. – removed from the device for charging and can be used to operate other wireless devices in the brand line. The internal battery is smaller than the battery pack, making this type of cordless tool more convenient and lighter than a removable battery, but the battery does not hold a long charge, so it is suitable for smaller tasks.

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Cordless devices with rechargeable batteries can be heavier and more expensive, but if you’re happy to stick with one brand, you can use the same batteries as other devices. Although you can expect to pay more for them, if you are happy to stick to one brand, you can use the same battery in other devices as long as it is the same size and voltage.

The most common battery used in cordless tools is lithium-ion. Lithium-ion battery technology has improved significantly in recent years, as these batteries are the only ones used to power electric vehicles and store energy. Major investments have been made to improve battery efficiency and performance, and you can expect the same power from cordless devices as from gasoline and corded devices.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are ideal for cordless garden tools because they provide enough power and, despite their small size, can be recharged from time to time, either fully or partially used. You don’t have to worry about booking it at the right time and in the right way.

Although it is subject to constant use and storage, lithium-ion batteries can hold their charge for months even with parts.

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In the long run, lithium mining can harm the environment (according to, lithium is extracted through “water mining”, which requires a lot of water during the process and requires recycling toxic chemicals (lithium, leading to frequent water pollution and water shortages in lithium-producing countries). Ultimately, if lithium can be recycled, it will help manage demand and make it A more sustainable choice Today, they are a better alternative to fossil fuels and represent the movement towards sustainable development.

Although these rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of several years, they will eventually need to be recharged when they need to be replaced. Some manufacturers return and recycle batteries, otherwise find a local store that accepts them.

Our reviewers found the SHT 500 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer to cut undergrowth well and the swivel head can easily be locked in five positions. The battery of this device is large, which means that it may be heavy for some users. The SGT 500 AE Cordless Grass Trimmer is easy to assemble and the wide head cuts well. The tool is very adaptable, because the shaft is telescopic, the handle can be adjusted and the head can also be rotated, and the side is easily limited by the wheel.

This device is at the higher end of the price range and is best for the dedicated grower. The device did all the work well, which is why we rated it as a Best Buy.

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The HAS 56 Hedge Trimmer cuts tree growth efficiently and comes with a safety lock. The FSA 56 mower has an adjustable and manageable deck and handles rough grass well. The BGA 56 saw blade is light and quiet with an adjustable tube, so it fits many heights. There is only one speed setting, but it handles leaves and small debris well.

There is no assembly as the device is ready to go and charges the battery in 80 minutes. We found the system to be effective and efficient, and suitable for the average gardener or larger garden. We found it to be a Best Buy through our expert reviews of cordless garden tools.

We found the Universal Hedgecut 18-500 and Universal Grasscut 18-260 in this cordless garden tool system to be easy to set up and easy to replace and recharge batteries. The charger has an indicator light to let you know when the device is fully charged. The fencer felt well balanced and the ‘Anti-Block System’ prevented growth from chasing the blade. However, it was less powerful than the other tools, and even though the blade was longer, it felt weak.

Although the cutting diameter is very small, the lawnmower head turns easily. We like the ergonomically designed handle and the convenient placement of the battery under the arm during use.

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The 24V Corded Trimmer and Hedge Trimmer Cordless Garden Multi-Tool Kit comes with a battery

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