Best Masters In Data Analytics

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That’s what business analytics delivers – a means to collect, segment, interpret, and act on data. The industry is booming, producing business analytics masters graduates globally who are using analytics to push the needle in industries such as finance, technology, consulting, sales retail and entrepreneurship. For some, personal fulfillment is their greatest achievement after graduation.

Best Masters In Data Analytics

Best Masters In Data Analytics

“My biggest achievement in my career so far is waking up every day to do a job I love while being surrounded by amazing colleagues who help me grow both professionally and as a person,” says Pol Borrellas i Martín tal -Esade Business School.

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Not only are graduates of business analytics master’s programs finding fulfillment in their personal lives, their specialized skills are helping them succeed in the workforce. Not surprisingly, business analytics is among the fastest growing master’s programs in business and a field that has become increasingly popular with students and their potential employers. You will find a large number of rankings of these programs with a Google search but none of them are very credible. Still, we selected graduates from schools that launched solid master’s programs in business analytics with impressive placement stats.

The Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota is one of them. After graduating from Carlson with a business analytics degree, Tanmayee Waghmare landed a $10M deal for a boutique investment firm through a connection with a client on LinkedIn. “This was a very critical deal in my firm’s portfolio at the time because the client was a very popular brand and helping them on their financial journey meant great success for us!,” says Waghmare.

She was not alone in noting successes after obtaining her master’s degree in business analytics. Borja Ureta of NYU Stern received a promotion just three years after earning his master’s in business analytics. He now lectures university students on social media analysis. For UCLA Anderson’s Leah Greenberg Kelly, she credits her biggest achievement as developing trust in her intuition. She says that learning to follow her curiosity and instincts, even when her career has felt uncertain, has provided the greatest personal and professional rewards. And Abby Garett of the MIT Sloan School of Management is moving forward through health care as an operations knowledge manager at Pfizer. Here, she leads the development of a dashboard that provides visibility into the shipment and production of the COVID vaccine to Pfizer’s CEO and C-suite.

While an MBA is a traditional route that many business professionals take after their undergraduate degree, these graduates are happy to have obtained a more specialized education to distinguish themselves in the workforce.

Benefits Of Data Analytics In Healthcare

Seeing the emerging need to be able to process and analyze data, Pol Borrellas i Martín chose Esade’s Master’s in Business Analytics over an MBA to gain technical skills in machine learning, cloud computing , and ultimately differentiate itself in a competitive market.

“The climate crisis, the increasing automation of jobs and inequality are global challenges that require the involvement of everyone, including business leaders, to ensure that no one is left behind and that progress translates into higher welfare for society,” he says. “Being able to reflect and debate these and other pressing topics with talented and socially conscious classmates and professors has made a difference for me.”

Maharshi Dutta of Purdue University Krannert School of Business wanted to pursue business analysis in order to become a specialist rather than a generalist in the field of technology. Similarly, Leah Greenberg Kelly of UCLA Anderson School of Management wanted to dive deeper into new ways to harness the power of data to solve organizational challenges and reveal trends. Others felt drawn to a master’s degree because of a passion for the field. That was the case for USC Marshall School of Business alumna Jolee Zhao.

Best Masters In Data Analytics

“Business analytics is the perfect interdisciplinary domain that integrates multiple areas of my interest: Business, statistics, computer programming, and problem solving,” says Zhao.

Best Master’s Degrees In Data Analytics

Douglas Levine of Carnegie Mellon was drawn to business analytics at the Tepper School of Business because of the way the course content was designed to solve real business problems. to gain knowledge about these methods both to apply them myself and to manage analysts effectively in the future,” he says. “We used real data from companies and were pushed to analyze it to determine how the company can perform best their objectives based on empirical evidence.As a result, it was easy to draw parallels with my work, allowing me to bring examples from the work into the classroom to discuss or teach from the classroom and apply them immediately at work.”

Each business analytics master’s program offers students something different. For the Tepper School of Business’ business analytics master’s program, the hands-on learning model is what sets them apart. Senior Associate Dean of Education, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, credits this approach to the school’s intentional faculty and curriculum.

With a group of dedicated, active and prominent researchers, Tepper’s high-caliber faculty translates their work directly into the classroom. Teachers have a wide range of experience and credentials; some have their PhDs, while others are affiliated with the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. Many are at the forefront of the development of business analysis tools and applications.

Van Hoeve says that unlike many other schools, Tepper designed the program from scratch to create specific courses that are intentionally sequenced. With a focus on creating machine learning course content to help students understand how to optimize business applications, the curriculum also places a strong emphasis on leadership rather than just ix -data science to create full graduates.

Data Science Vs. Data Analytics

“Being able to solve those business problems is not enough; you have to translate that to an audience,” explains van Hoeve. “Business communication and leadership skills are important to actually make a difference in business analytics.”

Since launching the master’s in 2018, Tepper has produced three small and intimate cohorts and expects to grow to 40-50 students per year in future years. The program, which is delivered in a part-time online format, consists of immersion weekends that take place three times a year. While Tepper has not been able to lead the weekends in person since the beginning of the pandemic, they have replaced them with online activities, such as workshops, extracurricular social engagements, and research seminars by the faculty. Coming out of the program, van Hoeve says students gain a full understanding of the business value of analytics.

“Going forward, the change we think is a closer integration with the other programs we offer. We have some dedicated courses for this particular program, but they may be interesting for MBA students as well, especially our part-time online hybrid students,” he says.

Best Masters In Data Analytics

Expressing the need for analytical skills in the entire workforce, van Hoeve says there are few ideal candidates for a master’s program in business analytics. People from college who studied engineering, business or economics, people who want to change careers, and people who want a better understanding of the business landscape are their target applicants.

What Is Big Data Analytics And Why It Is Important?

While a background in mathematics, probability and coding is a plus, van Hoeve says it is not a prerequisite. “Some students may be overwhelmed by some of the content of the programs; some think that they actually need to be fully proficient in each of these subjects before they can start, but this program is designed to teach them those things,” he says. “They can do it, even if it can be a bit intimidating at times. If they are determined, there is value in taking a business analytics program. And if they understand what the value is for them individually, then they should go for the best program that matches their particular career choice.”

Tanmayee Waghmare of the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management advises that prospective students become comfortable being uncomfortable during their masters in business analysis. “Due to the rigorous nature of the program, be prepared to work hard. Try to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, whether it’s team projects, public speaking, volunteering, networking, job fairs. Also, make sure you manage your time well by prioritizing your things. Finally, don’t forget to have fun and forge lasting friendships!”

Maharshi Dutta of Purdue University’s Krannert School of Business echoes Waghmare’s

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