Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns – We all have hundreds of ideas for social media content… until it’s time to post something on social media. As George Balanchine, co-founder of the New York City Ballet, once said, “My muse must come to me in union.” We’re sure the NYCB digital team feels the same way (we won’t judge you), especially when it comes to getting the content right on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other social media marketing platform. if you’re still trying to get Friendster to work).

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some of our favorite social media post ideas to get you started. Build on strategies that lead to engagement and discard those that don’t.

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Using Canva, create a template for inspirational quotes that you can use and reuse with multiple iterations. We love how quickly organizations like Stand Up 2 Cancer can make these happen on Instagram. A consistent appearance will help build your credibility as a content producer. Be sure to include your logo or website URL so it can be traced back to your organization.

A Complete Guide To Nonprofit Event Fundraising Marketing

Get ready for another Canva template: Take facts and statistics from your annual report, recent research, or static content on your site and create a shareable image with the fact. Bonus points for adding visual elements like graphics to help drive the point home.

Develop a Twitter list (hidden or hidden) of influencers such as bloggers, journalists, news sites, and partner organizations who can share information useful to your audience. This makes it easy to retweet or find new ideas for content that works well and content that can be repurposed on other platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Follow current trends like #MotivationMonday, #WisdomWednesday, or #FridayReads, or other hashtags you find trending on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By using these, your posts are more visible. #ThrowbackThursday is the perfect opportunity for nonprofits to make an impact over time.

Create a custom series (eg #ReadingRecWednesdays) and consistently post content that users can look forward to. The Lung Cancer Foundation of America is doing this with the #LivingWithLungCancer series, highlighting the human face of the disease they are trying to treat.

Successful Fundraising Campaign Examples: The 7 Best Nonprofit Examples

Do you work in a field that works for the rights of a marginalized or underrepresented community? Amplify their voices on your platform. That’s exactly why we love the nonprofit literary magazine Electric Literature’s #ReadMoreWomen series.

Fill in the blanks and ask users to respond with their own answers in the comments. These work best when you present them visually, such as a color image with text. If you’re less determined and worried that no one will respond, ask volunteers or staff members (and their friends/family) to get the ball rolling.

When in doubt, combine cat videos. But seriously – does owning a pet help people recover from certain illnesses? Has there been any recent dog news in your area? Shout out to LCFA for having this idea with #CatsAgainstLungCancer again.

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Crowdsource your content: Ask users to post their photos on Instagram and retweet the best submissions using the hashtag you create. Or ask your followers what they’re reading/watching/listening to. This creates a great user engagement and also adds to your content arsenal over time. Another example from Electric Literature: They asked their followers to share their literary-inspired tattoos and even turned it into a website article (see Account Strategist Whaler Olivia Giovetti’s ink inspired by Tolstoy and Milan Kundera).

How To Plan And Execute A Stellar Nonprofit Social Media Campaign

Set up Google Alerts on key phrases related to your organization so you get constant updates when your cause makes noise. Respond in real time while people are actually having a discussion.

But adjust for average. Social media platforms prefer content that keeps users on their site, rather than driving them to your site, so consider ways to condense articles like slideshows or Powtoon videos for Instagram and Facebook, craft a content- and fact-dense Tweet thread, or create an infographic. For Pinterest.

Show your influence in action, but also consider your company culture. We love Team Fox working at the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

When possible, equip your team to take photos and videos at on-site events. Set up a Google Drive folder or email address where your employees know they can send footage. For presentations, add a slide from speakers asking users to submit questions, photos, and videos from the presentation. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to collect useful content.

Nonprofit Advertising: Your Best Investment For Consistent Growth

Steal content from your other platforms and see what similar organizations are doing to engage their audience. If a post performs well on LinkedIn, be sure to tweet a shortened version. Post your Youtube videos on Facebook to get more views.

A quick burst of activity on your Twitter or other accounts like it means lots of new followers and engagement while establishing your organization as a thought leader in the space. Follow conference and event hashtags – and consider following the ones you didn’t attend – you can still add to the conversation.

Ask quiz-type questions and ask users to comment on their guesses. Follow up for a response the next day. (Boom! Two separate post ideas in one!)

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Don’t be afraid to keep it light! Find funny gifs on Giphy, memes, political cartoons, ecards on, or create your own funny content from jokes or funny quotes from celebrities. Search for “animated .gif” + theme or create your own .

Email Marketing Best Practices For Nonprofits

It is one of the best platforms for user-generated content and has constant discussions (from serious to very light) on a wide variety of topics.

Getting people to write content for you is a win-win-win because it (a) helps them gain exposure, (b) increases their loyalty to your organization, and (c) gets you free content for SEO and site building. gives you fodder for social media. Reach out to your extended network and create a list of volunteers who will write just for you.

Frame your content in a way that makes people feel like they’re missing out on news or information that everyone should know.

Can you create illegal shock in your posts? Does it have to be seen to be believed? Check out’s headlines to see how their regular posts should read.

The Ultimate Guide To Running A Social Media Campaign

Create content that empowers people to do better at what they do in their jobs or relationships. What are some tips you can offer on a regular basis?

Is there a hot issue or controversy that you can play devil’s advocate or represent? “You won’t believe Trump’s opinion on X” unfortunately works on a depressingly wide range of issues.

Not just visual memes, either! Internet culture has its own unique lexicon of joke frames (think of it as a knock-knock joke, but with weirder humor). Crisis Text Line is a pro at this.

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

Another great thing Crisis Text Line does is use Crisis Trends data on social media. Instead of just throwing out dry numbers, they make it personal: “According to our Crisis Trends data, Monday is the most stressful day of the week. What tips and tricks do you use to manage Monday anxiety? Asking open-ended questions also sparks a conversation that will serve you well in social media algorithms.

Nonprofit Social Media Examples To Inspire You

Chances are you’re getting your content in front of less than 10% of your total audience. If you have an article or resource that you want to get the most out of on social media, feel free to share it more than once. see publishers like

Seeing how they not only reshare content on Twitter and Facebook, but how they experiment with different headlines on each post to keep it interesting for those who see it for the first time.

The content is especially relevant on holidays and anniversaries and is relevant again. Check out some of the spring and summer holidays we’ve collected here, and consider birthdays/anniversaries, historical dates or UN Awareness Days as opportunities to share something relevant.

Highlight the people in your organization, whether it’s your team or (better yet) the people who benefit from your services. What do your employees do outside the office? How have people been affected by your services? Consider the People of New York approach.

Free Nonprofit Templates To Save You Time & Money

Contests and giveaways will drive action. Use a tool like Shortstack to run a content locked download or merchandise or referral giveaway (which can also be a great way to collect email addresses from attendees).

Tell your story in real time — whether it’s new hires, promotions, expansions, or the day your co-worker’s dog came into the office and got everyone’s attention, use #OTD (today) to share important milestones in your organization from the past. day.

Broadcast on Instagram or Facebook from a presentation, training session or demonstration (either your work or a protest demonstration – all coming in 2019).

Best Nonprofit Social Media Campaigns

An email address is more valuable than an address

Why You Need A Social Media Strategy For Fundraising

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