Best Paint Color For Home Bar – Few home additions are as fun and stylish as a designated bar area. They add exclusivity, allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks at home, and add major eye candy to the interior. Not to mention, they leave a lasting impression when friends drop by. Whatever your taste or available space, there is a stylish custom solution for your needs. Read on to explore the best home bar ideas for a stunning setup.

First things first: a home bar can be part of an existing room. The combination of the bar and living room design below, for example, works well. It doesn’t need its own space, unless you want to do it all! However, great modern home bar designs meet three basic requirements. To improve its functionality and appearance, your bar should have:

Best Paint Color For Home Bar

Pro Tip: It is best to match your home bar ideas with the look of your home. Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to help you discover your unique decorating style! Home Bar Ideas On

Wet Bar Ideas To Turn Your Home Into Everyone’s Favorite Watering Hole

Whether you’re looking for great home wine bar ideas or quick space-saving cocktail solutions, we’ve got the answers. Modern home bar design has never looked so good and practical!

Although you don’t need a lot of square footage to set up the best home bar ideas, your design should be well thought out and match the look and size of the space. Whether large or small, the home bar should be functional and attractive. Make sure to cover the basics mentioned above and add some sparkly details. Screen lighting and mirror backsplashes are great ways to soften the space.

Home bar areas are perfect for any interior, from compact studios to sprawling mansions. Even small homes can accommodate this enviable accessory. In fact, you just need to give new life to an unused corner. Empty closets and free spaces under the stairs are great potential locations. A fresh coat of paint, shelves, a closet or two, and a small refrigerator can turn a neglected space into a feature.

Art Deco design and home bars are a match made in heaven. The look is thanks to the undeniably avant-garde but playful aesthetic. Home bar decor ideas that work well with this style include retro cabinets and carts, mirror trays, glass decanters and wallpaper.

Home Bar Ideas For The Perfect Bar Design — The Family Handyman

No floor space is a problem, because the home bar ideas also extend to the walls. A collection of shelves and wall cabinets at different levels can serve as storage, display and preparation stations. Get creative with placement and type of shelving to get the best custom bar look. If you want something even more compact, choose a collapsible unit that can be easily stored.

The basement has so much potential, but is often overlooked. Embrace the possibilities by turning it into a stylish hangout area with the amazing basement bar ideas available.

Cellar lighting can be a bit lacking, especially when you’re trying to do precise, clutter-free work, like mixing drinks. Fortunately, there is a work light, which improves visibility and practicality. Because it also adds atmosphere, it is one of the most dynamic basement bar design ideas.

Adding shiny metallic accents to liven up the space is another basement bar idea. Bars and finishes are easy to start with, as they have a wide range of metallic tones. Gold, silver and copper have a special appeal, you just need to choose the look you want. What different metals have in common is their ability to add an air of luxury to any room.

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One of our favorite basement bar room ideas involves a speakeasy vibe. It’s great for entertaining (and impressing) loved ones. Install a stylish breakfast bar, furnish it with stylish stools and then throw in some armchairs or a Chesterfield sofa for the right size. Such a classic space is sure to be a hit.

Narrow rooms can feel spacious when you use the right interior design tricks. This is where small basement bar ideas come in; the most effective of which is the inclusion of mirror surfaces. These can be mirrors that hang or maximize the reflecting area, such as a mirror spine. These elements make the spaces feel much bigger than they actually are.

Mixing cocktails and serving drinks for yourself or friends can be quite confusing. That’s why the addition of a sink makes the wet bars shine. After making the margaritas, he stops tossing around. While bars are already great, many bar ideas make them even better.

While the sink is a wonderful feature in any bar, a small dishwasher makes cleaning up even easier. If you can fit one into your home bar, absolutely do it – grooming will never be the same. It’s among the best wet bar ideas for good reason.

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Instead of hiding your spirits in cabinets, display them as part of your bar design. Especially those that are rare or in beautiful bottles. After all, they make great conversation pieces. This is one of the most cost-effective wet bar design ideas as it displays beautiful product designs in an attractive way.

Consider a blue color palette when putting together the home bar. Deep tones like navy are known for their ability to lift spaces. It is the perfect solution for those looking for luxury wet bar ideas.

If you want simple but relaxing green bar ideas, adding indoor plants is the solution. Place a large one or two around the bar and place smaller ones on the counter and shelves. Because it gets water quickly, it is an ideal trend for wet bars.

Our talented team of designers will help you design the perfect concept for your home. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to enjoy your new bar area as soon as possible! If you’ve long since graduated beyond blue and white palettes and are ready for the next bold, fantastic and truly inspiring color combination, take heart: We’ve rounded up our favorite unexpected color combinations – you brave enough to take the plunge? When you see the polished and balanced design spaces below, you’ll feel well equipped to start experimenting. Some are wild and some are a little sweeter, but they all beat color theory 101. Discover the best color combination for your space below.

Paint Color Trends And Forecasts

Chocolate brown and blue is always a win, but this foyer designed by Elizabeth Roberts is looking even better than usual.

Cheerful: This combination of cream and marigold is softer and a little softer as a result, although it still has the signature energy that you expect from a yellow background.

Dark blue wallpaper, black lacquer trim and a moody buffet add depth and texture to the Miles Redd-designed room, while white marble tables and lime green upholstered dining chairs ensure lightness.

This eclectic contemporary living room is small and visually soothing, but on closer inspection, there are many bold style statements. Part of this is thanks to the neutral but unique color scheme.

Best New Color Combinations

Birgette Pearce designed the hidden pantry to keep stashed items discreet behind colored sliding doors with textured glass, but once opened, the pocket doors reveal a bright red surprise.

The custom turquoise velvet banquette is just the right dose of color in this contemporary California dining room designed by Studio Shamshiri.

Melanie Turner makes a strong case for monochromatic decor with this soothing green living room. Brass accents, a wooden table, and a brown marble fireplace round out the spice things.

A velvet-covered banquette doubles as elegant dining room seating, upholstered in purple burlap from Elegant Fabrics. Designer David Kaihoi’s three-year-old daughter sits on Stokke’s red Tripp Trapp chair in her New York apartment.

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Designed by Jae Joo, this timeless living room is serene and inspiring, perfect for lounging, socializing, studying or more. Bubblegum pink sofas with wooden frames are a breath of fresh air and the gray walls add more intrigue and sophistication than a simple bright white color.

Dark prints and splashes of red help marry playful yellow lacquer and turquoise paint in this spacious landing that Kati Curtis turned into a jewel box of a reading nook.

To bring a sense of nature to a New York living room, designer Fawn Galli used a custom mint green: “I don’t think a color should be too saturated or overpowering on a wall.” Pal + Smith chairs upholstered in Safari by Manuel Canovas, a Paley sofa by Profiles, a Fiona Curran Palette rug by Rug Company, and an Anne Siems painting give the room “a sense of storybook fantasy.”

Navy green and burnt orange are great for anyone who is normally averse to color but wants to experiment a bit with less neutral tones.

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Whether you have a small alcove on your porch or a cabana on the built-in pool deck, make it cozy with the right mix of outdoor materials. John Houshman added cushions and a rug to soften things up.

A warm, almost golden material like ratta will balance a cooler sage and aqua color combination. It is perfect

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