Dora Theme Song Lyrics We Did It

Dora Theme Song Lyrics We Did It – Super Silly Fiesta (also known as ‘s Super Silly Fiesta, or simply “Super Silly Fiesta!”) is 17

Big Red Chicken is hosting a Super Silly Fiesta today, and everyone is invited. There will be lots of snacks, silly games, silly hats, and even silly dancing! Unfortunately, the Big Red Hen has a big problem: the party cake is missing! And they can’t start the party until they find it, so it’s up to the audience to help Boots save the fiesta by going on a silly journey to help Big Red Chicken find out where he’s lost the cake.

Dora Theme Song Lyrics We Did It

Dora Theme Song Lyrics We Did It

The story begins with a joke about his name being Boots and the fact that he is a monkey saying “Hi, I’m Boots, Monkey Boots!”, making both Boots and Boots laugh. Then, Boots tells him it’s stupid and then he says it’s the truth and not Boots. and Bots also try and show themselves correctly. He says his name and Boots says his name correctly, but calls himself “Boot the Banana Head”, and puts a banana on his head. and Nsapato was acting foolishly. Suddenly, the silly postman has a special extra letter for Boots but it just flies the wrong way. and Shoes to tell him that they were underground. Silly Mail Bird goes to the left. and Boats called again to say they were down. Silly Mail Bird finally saw them. He had a special invitation from Boots somewhere in his mail bag. He accidentally took out a pan, a lamp, and a pillow. But in the end, he gets invited by Bots. He thanks Silly Mail Bird for the letter. Silly Mail Bird was in a hurry and flew to the left but realized he had to go to the right and was long gone. He opened the letter and inside was an invitation.

We Did It Lyrics Dora The Explorer

But that wasn’t all they saw, there were balloons and confetti and there were also silly hats and shoes to wear. Big Red Chicken had a Super Silly Fiesta. He decided to go there. As Boats went, Big Red Chicken had his own problem. He didn’t get his party cake. She panics and looks everywhere for her Super Silly Fiesta cake, but she can’t find where she put it. and Boats had to find a quick way to the Super Silly Fiesta. Asks for a route map. They do and Boots has to go through the ring gate and across the troll Bridge to get to the Super Silly Fiesta. He also mentions looking at the stars along the way. and Boats went but made a silly mistake in their travel song: they accidentally use the words “snow” and “row” instead of “go”. After correcting their mistake at the Traveling Song, they see Diego and 4 animals, which were a dog, a cow, a duck, and a frog, which do not make sense. and Boots goes to Diego for help.

First, there was a dog that went “oink-oink” like a pig and the viewer knows that the correct sound of a dog is “woof-woof”. And the dog beamed and was so happy, he barked happily at the top of his collar. Then, there was a cow that went “meow-meow” like a cat and the viewer knows it goes “moo-moo”. And the cow rejoiced and was very happy, it cried out loud and long above its breasts. Then, there was a duck that went “negh-neigh” like a horse and was silly. The viewer tells Diego that the duck goes “quack-quack”. And the duck was very happy and he was very happy, he did happily on top of his bill. And finally, the frog went “tweet-tweet” like a bird and that was also wrong. The viewer tells them that the frog goes “rib-rib”. And the frog happily bit the top of his tongue and was so grateful, he kissed Diego and sweetly returned it. After that, the Boats left and Diego thanked them as they went to the gate. Bots tries to pull the gate but then he laughs, because he tickles her (The singing gate is now male instead of female). but Boots tells the gatekeeper to go through because he’s going to a really stupid fiesta. Singing Gate promises to let them pass but only if they help him sing his songs because he’s only interfering. and Boots said they could help him and needed the help of a watcher. First, the Singing Gate sings “B-I-N-G-O”, but instead of “Bingo”, it says “underpants”. and Shoes laugh, but then correct him by singing the song correctly. Singing Gate tries another song, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. They sing “giant meatball” instead of “waterspout”. Again, and Bots corrects him by playing the song correctly. Soon after, the Singing Gate thanks Bots for playing his songs correctly and, as a promise, opens and lets Bots through.

After this, and Boots sees Benny the cow shaking. Benny loses control and every 7th ball hits his head one by one. Benny tells Boots that he needs to practice his juggling and laughs. Suddenly, Swiper was nearby. Swiper hides inside a rock and surprises Benny with a peek-a-boo. Then Benny cries and Swiper swims and shakes 7 balls. He counts to 7 and then hides them in a tree. The viewer has to find all 7 balls for Benny. They all had polka dots. Suddenly, the observer accidentally finds a tiger and a turtle. But in the end, the viewer found everything that had polka dots. The viewer counts to make sure he has found them all. Indeed, they were all found. After this, Benny caught them and started juggling again. and Boots goes to see Benny later at the Super Silly Fiesta. and Boots let Benny look at his juggling.

Soon, and the Boats arrive at the troll bridge and Grumpy Old Troll won’t let them cross his bridge unless they make him laugh. and Bots had to think of ways to humor the trolls. he had an idea, thinking that making silly faces would make Mr. Troll laugh. They make silly faces and do silly dances. Grumpy Old Troll watches and then starts laughing. After that, Grumpy Old Troll lets the Boats cross his bridge. After that, and the Boots had to figure out where to go. The 3 pictures pop up on top of the head, he pulls them down. he reminds the viewer that so far, he has passed through the toll gate and across the troll Bridge. All Boats have to do now is go to the Super Silly Fiesta. and Boots to look at the Super Silly Fiesta. A large orange turtle moves out of the way to reveal itself. and Boats get confetti sprinkled from above.

Dora The Explorer Theme By Dora The Explorer (children’s)

And the Boats continued to see the Super Silly Fiesta at the top of a large hill. He sees Tico in his bubble phone. asks Tico if he wants a ride to the Super Silly Fiesta. Tico is happy and goes there too. and the Boats jump in and fasten their seat belts for safety. Tico is launching its own bubble powered copter. Spectator, and Boats tells Tico “arriba” to get on. Tico said and he went up high. But then, the stars come out from behind the clouds. There was even a Funny Star. Bots thinks Funny Star is funny so they want to catch him. , Boots, and Tico caught the star and Boots caught the next star which was the Funny Star. He put it in a star bag. and Boats can watch the Super Silly Fiesta below.

Watcher, and Boats tell Tico “abajo” to get down. After this, and Boots jumped in to help Big Red Chicken get his cake. Big Red Chicken tells Boots that he can’t find his cake anywhere and now his Super Silly Fiesta is ruined. and Boots laughed and knew where his cake was, because the Super Silly Fiesta probably wasn’t ruined. Big Red Chicken asks the viewer where the cake was. A spectator tells Big Red Chicken that the cake was on his head. Big Red Chicken investigates and they were right. The cake was on top

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