Garage Door Color For Gray House – When considering trendy exterior colors, homeowners often struggle with deciding how to paint their garage door. This is a very important decision to make if the garage faces the street and is part of the overall look when you look at the front of the house. With these modern design examples, learn how the color you paint your garage can affect its curb appeal.

While there are no hard and fast rules for how and what to paint your garage door, the color you choose will affect how striking it is. There are several reasons why you may want to soften your garage door. One of them may be because they are not particularly attractive or updated. If this is the case, make them less noticeable by painting them the same color as the trim so they don’t stand out too much.

Garage Door Color For Gray House

To minimize its visibility, the garage door on this home is the same color as the home’s trim.

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A second reason to downplay the prominence of your garage door may be that your home already has a lot of color. This can lead to an overall unstable visual effect. In this case, you can paint the door in the color of the house. It can really make your home look bigger. See base color options for your home by browsing the LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding color collection.

If you have a nice garage door that you want to show off, you can play around with it. You can do this by painting them a dark color like rich brown or charcoal. Just make sure the color you choose isn’t new to the overall scheme – it should match your roof and perhaps your shutters or cladding.

Show off your beautiful garage door by painting it the same color as your trim and front door.

You can also paint the garage door an accent color. An example of this choice is the clad wood carriage style door shown below. If the color you choose is a bolder accent, make sure you repeat the same color elsewhere in the home – such as on shutters or the front door.

Modern Gray Exterior Color Scheme

Another option to play up a similarly clad garage door (shown below) is to paint it two colors. With a light body color and a dark trim color, you can draw attention to their character and craftsmanship.

Don’t choose a garage door color that doesn’t already fit the overall scheme of your exterior. The LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding collection has many color options to create an exterior color scheme that complements your design style, especially if you have your garage door color in mind.

No matter how beautiful your garage door is, you don’t want it to take precedence over your front door. Find more blog posts about color, including details on choosing a front door color.

For more information on home cladding options and siding design ideas with LP SmartSide Wood Siding, visit /SmartSide. Find more color ideas and inspiration here.

Gray Metal Siding Designs & Ideas For Your House

Note: All images are for illustration purposes only. Please regularly refer to correct and up-to-date product installation instructions.

Warranties are everywhere from small consumer products to commercial equipment and everything in between. Sometimes it feels like you need a legal education to understand warranty terms.

Whether it’s a new phone, clothes or the family car, today we often accept that the new things we own won’t last forever. However, there is one thing that we still expect to last and that is our homes.

Re-tiling your home can completely change its look and increase curb appeal, but completing the redecoration is a big job and a big investment. If you’ve never done it before, it can be difficult to know what to expect and how to prepare for a siding change.

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Board and clapboard siding are making a resurgence as a way to add visual interest to a blank wall. Many believe that clapboard and clapboard style is a timeless look that can cause your home’s exterior to have great curb appeal for years to come. Safe-Way Door, the American garage door company, announces the latest updates to two of its best-selling door lines. To stay ahead of consumer demand for color, Safe-Way’s Choice and Deluxe garage door series are now available in gray.

“Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that gray is increasingly trending in the building design color palette, and when the need for gray in garage doors began to emerge, we responded.” Says Sonny Nemitz, CEO of Safe-Way Door. “Our customers who chose gray in their exterior design now have the option of using their garage door as an integral part of the exterior.”

Safe-Way Door’s Choice series of doors is always a best seller for the crotch because of its stylish look, incredibly thoughtful design and economical price. Constructed from 25. steel in 2-inch-thick panels, the Choice Series is available in both insulated and insulated models.

The Deluxe Safe Way Door Series features both flush and overhanging panels, and embossing on the steel to create a wood look. Deluxe doors are available in both insulated and non-insulated versions and are available in a variety of window options and colors. Abstract Color Block Garage Door Decorations, Grey White Black Garage Door Banner Cover With Grommets, Garage Door Mural Backdrop Decoration For Indoor Outdoor Wall Door Photography 7x8ft

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Billy Thompson at (615) 504-0220 or by email at bthompson@

When considering the right garage door for your home, it can seem overwhelming. Safe-Way Door is here to make this process easier.

Contact your local Safe-Way dealer to schedule a free appointment to discuss Safe-Way features and options and find the best fit for your home and budget.

Learn more about Safe-Ways’ commitment to energy efficiency in its line of insulated doors, including the new Ambient Series!

Should You Paint Your Front Door And Garage Door The Same Color?

Create a new door from scratch, choose colors and hardware that match your home, and see how the finished door will look in your home!

Safe-Way Door is here to help! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common homeowner questions. If you buy a home you’ve “loved before,” you may find the design and layout irresistible, but you won’t always love every feature of your home. For Julie Happel, the thing she inherited that she hated the most was her heavy wooden garage door.

“We’ve had our house for about seven years, and the wooden garage door has always been a problem,” says Happel, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. “Several times the springs broke, it was impossible to lift them.

“We finally painted the exterior of the house last year and realized it was time to replace the garage door. Since they are such a prominent feature of the exterior of the house, I really wanted the garage door to stand out against to new paint. That’s why I invested a lot of time in exploring our options.”

The 10 Most Popular Colors For The Exterior Of Your Home

Strong appeal/good value In his Internet search, Happel looked at various garage door sites, including the Haas Door site. He also followed the advice of his repairman, Matt Bagley.

“I keep coming back to the American Tradition series doors with overlays,” Happel said. “The styling is very attractive and the insulated steel door features incredible.”

Happels chose the timeless look of the American Tradition Series 921 “black on black” door. Embodying the charm of an 1800s carriage house, Happel’s elegant home doors feature clear glass windows at the top of each door with matching decorative Haas Door garage door hardware. Investing in a new garage door goes directly to the value of their home by increasing curb appeal and resale value.

“Our new garage door has only been in our house for a few weeks, and I’ve been amazed at how many neighbors and friends have commented on it,” Happel said. “The sleek design style really helped transform the exterior of our home.

Garage Design Ideas To Elevate Your Home Exterior

“Investing in new garage doors is a smart move. They make our home look better and make our lives easier. No more heavy, ugly doors. These garage doors have the curb appeal you need, plus energy efficiency ratings that will make our wallets happy!”

When it comes to professional home building and remodeling, every decision can significantly affect the outcome of the project. An often overlooked but important decision is how to handle your garage door. In the world of construction, professional garage door dealers have become indispensable partners for builders, offering a range of benefits beyond simple door installation. Let’s examine why entrusting your garage door work to the experts is not just a convenience, but a strategic decision that all professional builders and remodelers should consider if they want to bring their projects to next level. Expertise and Recommendations Professional garage door dealers bring a depth of knowledge to a builder’s project that would not otherwise be possible. More than visuals

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