How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

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Have a great idea for an invention, but don’t know what to do with it? Follow these steps to turn your idea into a purchasable product

How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

The light bulb above your head shines so brightly that it threatens to blind everyone around you. But what to do with your great creative ideas? Before you start shouting about your invention to the wrong person or run to the first company that offers to buy it, you need to do one thing: protect it.

Ownership Of Inventions Involving The Creative Works Of Employees

Whether you want to make and sell your invention yourself or license it to another company, the only way to monetize your invention and ensure that no one steals your idea is to file a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office . It can be a daunting process, so we spoke to Andy Gibbs, author of Patent Basics, to help break it down into five easy steps.

Just having an “idea” isn’t worth it – you need proof when you come up with innovative ideas Write down everything related to your invention, from what it is and how it works to how you’ll make and sell it . This is the first step to patenting your idea, not stealing it You’ve probably heard of the “poor man’s patent” – write your idea and send it to yourself in a sealed envelope to indicate the proof-of-concept date of your invention. This is unbelievable and cannot be considered in court

Write down your idea in an inventor’s journal and have a witness sign it. This journal will be your bible in the patent process. You can find specially designed inventor journals at bookstores like Nolo Press Book Factory, or you can save money and buy a regular notebook. Make sure it meets the above requirements

You need to research your idea from a legal and business point of view Before applying for a patent, there are two main steps you should take

Steps For Turning Your Invention Idea Into A Product

Just because you haven’t seen your invention doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist yet Before you hire a patent attorney or agent, do a free preliminary search at to make sure no one else has patented your idea. You must also perform a non-patent “prior art” search. If you have any artwork or design related to your idea, you cannot patent it regardless of whether a previous patent has been filed or not.

Sure, your brother thinks your idea for a new lawn sprinkler is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean your neighbor will buy one. More than 95 percent of all patents do not make money for the inventor Before investing too much time and money in patenting your invention, do some preliminary research on your target market. Will people buy it? Once you know the market exists, make sure your product can be manufactured and shipped at a low cost so that your retail price is reasonable. You can determine these costs by comparing similar products on the market now. This will also help you evaluate your competition, which will help you no matter how unique you think your invention is.

A prototype is a model of your invention that implements everything you wrote in your invention journal. It will demonstrate the design of your invention when you present it to potential lenders and licensees. Don’t File a Patent Before You’ve Prototyped You’ll almost always discover a flaw in your original design or think of a new feature you want to add. If you patent your idea before you work out these flaws, it will result in a patent delay and you risk losing the patent rights to the new design to someone else.

How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

1. Start with a picture Before you start the prototyping phase, sketch all your ideas in your inventor’s journal

What Is The Difference Between Innovation, Invention And An Idea?

2. Create a concept mockup from any material that will allow you to create a 3-D model of your design.

3. Once you’re happy with the layout, create a fully working model of your model There are many books and kits that can help you prototype If your invention will cost a lot of money or is impractical to prototype, such as an oil refining process or a new pharmaceutical, consider using a virtual prototype with computer animation.

Now that you’ve ironed out all the kinks in your design, it’s finally time to apply for a patent. There are two main patents you should choose from: a utility patent (for new processes or machines) or a design patent (for producing new, non-obvious designs jewelry). You can write the patent and file the application yourself, but don’t file it yourself until you have been reviewed by a qualified patent attorney. If an invention is really valuable, someone will infringe on it. If you don’t have a strong patent written by a patent attorney or agent, you’ll be tearing your hair out later when a competitor finds a loophole that allows them to copy your idea. It is best to get legal help now to avoid legal problems in the future

1. Do your homework Keep your inventor’s journal, prototypes and notes with you This will save time and money It will also help convince them to work with you

Chapter 3. The Invention Process

3. Ask them what their technical background is If your invention is electronic, find a patent attorney who is an electrical engineer.

4. Negotiate fees Focus on small patent firms They are less expensive and will work more closely with you Agree on an estimated total cost before hiring your patent attorney

Start with a business plan How do you do it? Where will you manufacture the product? How do you sell it? Now is a good time to decide whether you will make and sell the product yourself or license it for sale through another company. When you license your product, you will likely only receive a two to five percent royalty. This is often intimidating to inventors who feel overqualified But think about the benefits: you won’t have the financial burden of supporting the business It can make you more money in the long run

How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

It’s also important to remember that it can take a very long time from the time you conceive your idea to the time you see your product on the shelves. Most inventions take years to come to fruition Be patient and exercise due diligence in your steps to patent your invention and your years of hard work will finally pay off.

Should You Venture Or License Your Invention Idea?

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Questions To Ask When Assessing An Invention Idea

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How Do I Submit An Invention Idea

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Steps For Turning Your Idea Into Valuable Intellectual Property

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Here are the main reasons why the USPTO is the best when it comes to developing an application for your idea

Even a brilliant idea can turn out to be useless if not implemented in the right direction. Your brilliant idea should be put in the hands of a professional who has the relevant skills and experience in the same field. Having your app developed by a regular developer or newer might save you some money, but it won’t benefit you in the long run. Application development is not an easy task as it requires years of training and experience in the field So choose the best team to build, protect and

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