How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst – The rate of cyber attacks has been on the rise for the past two years. In 2018, about two million cyber attacks took place and it cost more than $45 billion in losses worldwide, according to a source. India ranks third among the nations most prone to cyber attacks. In 2018, 76 percent of Indian businesses were affected by cyber attacks.

This surge in the rate of cyber attacks has made companies realize the need for experienced cyber security professionals. Although there are companies that hire white hat hackers, there is one more job role that is on the rise – computer forensics analyst.

How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

In this article, we will see how the domain of computer forensics is growing and how one can start a career in this domain.

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Computer forensics, aka cyber forensics, is an important branch of the cybersecurity ecosystem. While network analysts, white hat hackers are all important in the domain, cyber forensic experts also have an important role to play.

Cyber ​​forensics is the application of research and analysis techniques to collect and preserve evidence from a specific computer device or a victim device, such as an electronic document, computer, laptop and storage media such as USB drives, hard drives, etc.

Cyber ​​forensics expert conducts a thorough investigation to find out what exactly happened on a computer device and who was responsible for it. And for that they also perform extraction of existing or deleted information from a storage or computing device.

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If you are wondering if there is a set of protocols that an expert must follow, then yes, there is a standard set of procedures. One of the examples of the procedures is to always have a soft copy of the device that will be inspected and to keep the device locked in a safe and secure facility. Once they have finished the investigation and collected all the evidence, they prepare a thorough report that can be used for legal proceedings of the entire case.

Just like any other profession from the cyber security domain, computer forensic analyst also has a set of requirements. To pursue a course on cyber forensics, one must have a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics. Furthermore, one must also have a postgraduate study in Cyber ​​​​Forensics or obtain a certification in Information or Cyber ​​Security to get a cyber forensic analyst job.

As companies are looking to hire more and more cyber forensics analysts, the concept of cyber forensics courses in India has started gaining that much-awaited traction. While many schools and training centers require a bachelor’s degree, there are also other schools that offer certificate and associate degree programs in this field.

How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

Furthermore, these courses are considered a good choice for people who do not have a cyber security background or want to learn things from scratch. From introducing the domain to real-time training and audits, these courses cover everything.

Bs Digital Forensics

But if someone is from the IT domain or has enough knowledge about cyber security, they may not need to take a course; however, they must get a certification done to work as a computer forensics expert. Here are some of the certificates:

Furthermore, during the course you should also make sure that you put in the effort and acquire enough knowledge about some of the most important aspects of cyber forensics. Here they are:

After completing your cyber forensics course and obtaining your certification, the thought of joining a company and starting work as a cyber forensics analyst can be very intriguing; However, there are few things that you should keep in mind if you are new to the domain.

Whatever you learn in a training center is not the whole thing, the real learning starts when you enter the industry. So try to learn more by interacting with other cyber forensic analysts.

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There are other roles besides the usual cyber forensics analyst – computer forensics analyst, computer forensics examiner, computer forensics specialist, computer forensics technician, digital forensics specialist, computer forensics examiner that one can explore.

The need for computer forensic experts is growing rapidly. Speaking of market growth, according to a source, the Global Digital Forensics Market is estimated to reach $7 billion by 2024.

One of the main advantages of this job role is also the fact that it not only allows you to work with private companies, but also allows you to participate in government bodies. With so many cyber attacks happening every year, government agencies from around the world are spending a huge amount of money on cyber forensics; them on an inspiration to recruit the best talents from the industry to prepare a cyber incident response and recovery teams. If you have been thinking about linking or joining this domain, now is definitely the right time to do so.

How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

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How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

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How To Become A Computer Forensics Investigator: Career And Salary Information

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Thinking of becoming a computer forensics analyst? Use this guide to discover the required training, experience and certification.

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How To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst

The FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report noted an increase of more than 300,000 complaints from 2019 with losses exceeding $4.2 billion.

Career As A Forensic Scientist

With this increase in cybercrime, it is easy to see why there is a demand for computer forensics analysts. These individuals collect evidence from computers and other devices to assist in criminal investigations.

Prospective computer forensics analysts usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, professional experience and necessary certifications. While these steps may seem daunting, the career can be ideal for those who are passionate about solving cybercrime cases.

Computer forensics analysts search through storage media to discover deleted and encrypted files using recovery and decryption software. These files are then collected and analyzed as evidence for criminal cases. Most analysts will communicate directly with law enforcement.

Computer forensics analysts are skilled at recovering data from computers, network servers, smart devices and other digital devices. While cybersecurity professionals prevent cyberattacks, computer forensics analysts work after cybercrimes have occurred.

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These professionals typically work with law enforcement (local, state and federal). However, some work in the private sector at banks, software development companies, law and accounting firms.

Most jobs require computer forensics analysts

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