How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag
How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

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How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

If you’ve chosen to forego a stripped-down wedding, you can plan to create a custom hashtag for guests to use on their social media posts from your big day. Wedding hashtags are perfect for couples who want their guests to document the wedding from their point of view. In fact, creating a unique hashtag is one of the most exciting wedding planning tasks to tackle. After your wedding, you can relive special moments by browsing posts under your hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook—but once you’ve created the process to create a hashtag, you’ll want to make sure guests know to use it. As a result, wedding hashtags are essential decorations to include throughout your space.

How To Ensure Guests Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Before you start brainstorming ideas for your wedding hashtag, you first need a hashtag. If you haven’t created one yourself, you can use a custom wedding hashtag generator, or you can hire a professional service like Wedding Hashers to do the creative thinking for you. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorites, start planning all the ways you’ll share them with guests. In addition to placing your tag on your wedding website and stationery, we also recommend placing some wedding hashtag signs throughout your venue. Below, we’ve rounded up 19 creative ways to showcase your wedding hashtag to ensure your big day gets plenty of love online.

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Display your hashtag on your wedding welcome sign to ensure guests see it as soon as they arrive at your venue. With a large sign like this placed right at the entrance of your event, no one will miss it, which means you can be sure it will get a lot of use on social media.

No need to think too much about your wedding decorations. We love how this couple created a decorative vignette with disco balls, flowers, candles and their wedding hashtag on a mirrored tray. Place some vignettes on wedding tables throughout your venue so guests see your hashtag everywhere they go.

Your ceremony program will reach the hands of every guest, cementing it as one of the best places to display your wedding hashtag. While you can also create event-specific signs with your hashtag, putting it on your program almost guarantees that every guest will see it before the wedding begins. And, to make your life as easy as possible, we have hundreds of event program templates available through The Knot Invitations that you can customize to match your wedding theme.

Places To Put Your Wedding Hashtag So Guests Actually Use It — Petal & Veil

Hundreds of photos will be taken on your wedding day, especially in your photo booth. If you’ve chosen to give your guests a designated Instagram spot with a fun backdrop and cute photo booth props, place a small wedding hashtag sign on a nearby table so their photos are properly tagged online.

Instead of choosing an acrylic or wooden sign to display your wedding hashtag, choose something more eye-catching, like a neon sign. These pretty pieces are having a moment, and we couldn’t be more obsessed. Many online brands specialize in custom neon signs, so get an expert to create a custom light with your hashtag. It will not only personalize your place, it will make a beautiful decoration in the nest of your newborn.

With a beautiful watercolor background, your guests will be drawn to any acrylic sign that features your personalized tag. Arrange a few of these hashtag signs around your wedding reception area for easy (and effective) decorations.

How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

Your vendor plays an important role in the wedding planning process from the moment they are hired. To show your support, consider displaying a list of vendors at your venue with their business information so guests know who is responsible for the beautiful aspects of your wedding day. We recommend placing this at the entrance to your event or next to the seating chart at the reception so guests don’t miss it. If you invest in this type of sign, add your wedding hashtag next to it, as seen here. We love how this couple emphasized their wedding hashtag with geometric shapes and interesting floral arrangements to capture the attention of guests as they arrived.

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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Hashtags (updated For 2023)

The open wall space behind the DJ (or live band) is prime real estate for your wedding hashtag. Every guest will see the entertainment at some point during the reception, so hang a neon sign or custom board to display your hashtag for everyone to see.

Consider this type of wooden sign a must for your rustic wedding. With sleek white text on a dark wood background accented with moody flowers, this wedding hashtag is impossible to miss and fits the barn perfectly.

It’s fair to say that most (if not all) old guests will find themselves in the bar at some point during the night, so use this opportunity to put a framed photo of your hashtag next to an additional decorative element. This will be a great reminder to post an Instagram Story while you wait for a glass of champagne or a custom cocktail.

In addition to putting your hashtag on a bar sign, we also recommend printing it on cocktail napkins. That way, when guests grab one to hold their snacks during cocktail hour, they’ll make a mental note to use it later in the evening.

How To Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag That No One Else Will Have!

You will need table markers to mark where the guest book is, so use this opportunity to add wedding hashtag markers as well. Guests are reminded to post their photos as they see you and your S.O.

Lights, Cameras, Insta: Put your wedding hashtag in lights with an illuminated marquee board. There’s no doubt that all eyes will be drawn to these bright wedding decorations, so guests won’t forget to add your hashtag to their ‘gram.

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Ask an artistic friend to create a wedding hashtag chalkboard sign at the reception. With elegant calligraphy and monograms or custom wedding graphics, your sign will have a stunning cohesive look that will wow guests. Add your wedding date for a lovely personal touch.

How To Come Up With Wedding Hashtag

Consider this one of our favorite wedding ideas for a casual backyard party. Your wedding hashtag doesn’t have to break your budget. Instead, buy affordable letter boards instead of expensive custom signs. And, as a bonus, you can reuse these wedding hashtags around your home after the big day.

How To Come Up With A Wedding Hashtag That Best Suits You

These Instagram hashtags for weddings would make great DIY projects for creative couples. Place some blocks all over your place to decorate creatively and promote your hashtag.

Tag our words: Guests will be totally impressed with this unique wedding hashtag tag idea. Whether you use the bus for actual transportation or for a unique scenery, your friends and family will love this old ride and advertise your hashtag.

Display your wedding hashtag along with your new monogram at the focal point of the reception to blend seamlessly with your decor.

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