How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards
How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards – Forget about store-bought greeting cards that your recipient won’t mind leaving. This season, create your own greeting cards that you can use to send heartfelt messages to your customers.

Traditional greeting cards are a great seasonal marketing method that won’t break the budget. And with today’s graphic editing software, creating a completely custom greeting card has never been easier even if you are a complete novice in design.

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

Below, I’ve put together the key steps you need to take to create the perfect custom greeting card. Don’t worry if this is your first time doing it. This guide will be beginner-friendly. Following these steps will help you take your original design idea and bring it to a beautiful and practical conclusion.

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Here are five easy steps you can follow to create the perfect custom greeting card, and a BONUS tip to use when choosing your printing options.

Many printing service providers offer you downloadable templates to help you create your own custom card design. Here is a link to our greeting card templates that you can use for this tutorial. Just select the size you want to work with and download the appropriate file type for your graphics editing software. Once you’ve downloaded the right template, you can start creating your own custom greeting card.

Greeting cards are very popular gifts during seasonal events and other special occasions. Choose a theme that fits the occasion you want to celebrate. This is an important step for you to know what kind of images and text to put on your custom greeting card.

There are many themed images for public use that can be found on the internet. I usually get my photos from public stock photo search engines like Pixabay or StockSnap. The sheer number of images available can be overwhelming, so having some ideas in mind will help narrow down your options. To illustrate, think about greeting cards you’ve seen or received. Try to include things you like in your cards.

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Design & Print Your Own Greeting Cards

Once you’ve decided on your theme, you can start collecting graphics and setting up your design file. Most graphic editing software these days have options you can change when you first set up your file.

Since we are making greeting cards for printing, we need to make sure that the final print is legible. Adjust your file to a maximum of 300 dots per inch (dpi) for input output. Your color mode should also be set to CMYK instead of RGB. You have to set this option manually because the default is usually RGB. This ensures that the colors you see on the screen will be accurate compared to the finished product.

Once you’ve collected your graphics, you can start arranging them on your template. Keep your primary theme in mind and use an easy to read font. When designing your card, keep this in mind. Don’t abuse it. Keep your design clear and legible so that your theme and message are easily conveyed. Finally, since these are traditional greeting cards for your business, don’t forget to include your logo and contact information.

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

If everything is fine, save your file and send it to your favorite print shop. Unless you are only printing a few greeting cards, you should consider using a professional print shop to print them as they will likely save you money and provide better results. In addition, they may have a testing service to ensure that your design is ready for printing. Online printers also have a variety of paper, fabric, and other options available to make your custom cards more eye-catching.

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Check with your online printer to see what extras may be available to decorate your greeting cards. A UV blocker can make a simple card look rich. High-gloss UV coating adds an eye-catching, dynamic lacquer-like finish to business cards. Matte coating gives the card a rich look and feel. Don’t forget to let your online printer add dots and folds to your cards for easy envelope and mailing.

Finish your greeting card design? Go to our greeting card printing page to print your design now.

Kevin is a regular advertising author. If he’s not writing, he’s probably reading Haruki Murakami’s latest book or enjoying Tyrion Lannister’s Throne of Iron. If you are a graphic designer, illustrator or art lover, have you considered making greeting cards? It’s the first startup with the lowest upfront costs. Especially if you print with us.

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To be more successful, your business plans should start with research. This guide explains what to consider when you plan to print and sell greeting cards. Most importantly the best cards to enhance your card design and increase brand value. Read on to find out how to start your own online greeting card business.

Wooden Greeting Cards

Once you’ve created designs you’re proud of, you need to think about printing and selling them. Before we look at how to sell greeting cards online, let’s look at the best pricing strategies for business cards.

Low upfront cost if you want to start a greeting card business from home. We can print your designs on quality paper for just a few cents each. You can then sell the card on places like Etsy for a few pounds.

The UK spends more than £1.7 billion on greeting cards each year. Birthday cards are the most popular, followed by wedding and anniversary designs. Of course, the best selling seasonal design is the Christmas card. More than a billion Christmas cards are sent to the UK and 2 billion to the US each year.

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

Research by Royal Mail has confirmed that more than 70% of Britons would rather receive a Christmas card than a newsletter or Ecard. Many of them said that they would appreciate the effort and would feel that the person who sent them really cared about them.

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Searching for similar card makers will give you an idea of ​​how much to charge for your greeting cards. Then you can think about ways you can make your card better. For example, quality products can help differentiate your company from other greeting card specialists.

Take a look at our winning designed paper, which includes a slightly concave textured ‘border’. We have created a pack of paper samples so that you can compare our papers for inspiration. Order a paper sample pack to see our card stock selection that includes over 10 medium colors.

High-end printers and hand-picked paper can make a huge difference in how you brand your business to help your online business succeed.

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Although it may be tempting to save on card stock, thin paper leads to poor card quality. Usually, you will have to sell your card for a small amount, and there are many cheap card companies on the high street. It is difficult to establish an online greeting card business based on the price tag. Leave that to many manufacturers who sell more to retailers.

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Instead of putting your competitors down, it’s better to stand out with luxury. After all, when someone buys a card, they want to make a nice warm gesture to the recipient. Visit our greeting card printing page to see our lamination, color and foil selections and other customization options.

Using high-quality materials then makes your card more valuable. It also helps achieve premium brand positioning, allowing you to charge premium prices.

Buyers will pay more for unique designs with a handcrafted look and premium finish. It is important to mention the quality and finish in the description of your product. This helps influence the purchasing decisions of consumers as they compare different card designs online.

How To Design Your Own Greeting Cards

In our blog post What is GSM used for greeting cards, we recommend using cards with a weight of at least 300gsm. For more performance, 350gsm or 400gsm is a better choice.

Greeting Card Affiliate Programs

The things you use can help you stand out from the competition in a positive way. For example, choosing a soft velvet finish will add a luxurious feel to your cards without compromising their versatility. Making your greeting cards feel special will allow you to charge a little more, which can lead to higher profits. Read our article on laminated business cards: quality and finish to compare our matte, smooth and glossy laminations.

Print on demand greeting cards offer over 40 different paper types to make your design stand out. We have a selection of colored and colored papers including shimmering pearl papers. Learn more in our blog post What is GSM used for greeting cards?

Going green with greeting cards is another way you can set up your business. After we saw the benefits to wildlife when we started working from home in 2020, many people are becoming more environmentally conscious. The revised paper is suitable for many people who are actively striving to become

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