How To Get Your Business Name Registered
How To Get Your Business Name Registered

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

How To Get Your Business Name Registered – If you are a business owner in Ontario, naming your business is one of the most exciting parts of getting it up and running.

Like christening a new ship, deciding on a name for your business can set the tone of your brand for years to come.

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

In our government, trade names are registered with the Compliance and Verification Services Branch (CPVSB) of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) and placed in public records maintained by the CPVSB for public disclosure.

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FYI: Anyone can search public record business name information for a fee to find the owners and principals behind the business name.

Registering your business is where you get your Main Business License (MBL), which is used as proof of registration to create a bank account for your business!

We know you want to start your own business, but if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to registering your business, read on to find out! provides access to e-government services that simplify and simplify the registration, renewal and reporting of Ontario businesses.

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New entrepreneurs and existing companies can electronically complete the most important business registration applications in one place, including applications for business registration, sales tax vendor license, provider health tax and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

When you register through Online Business Registration (a partnership between the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and some provincial governments, including Ontario), you can apply for the above programs as well as a Federal Business Number (BN) and other Apply for CRA programs.

You can also register through other service providers not mentioned above or by visiting CPVSB.

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How To Get Your Business Name Registered

Before you make a final decision on your brand and order business cards and stationery, you should find out if anyone else is already using the name. A search of the Corporations and Personal Property Securities Branch records will reveal if another business in Ontario uses the name you have chosen and where that business is located.

Business Name Registration Ontario By Ontarioreg

For detailed information on searching business names and product descriptions, as well as information on business name searches and NUANS and trademark searches, see the Whole Record Search information sheet available online through ServiceOntario.

To continue using the name, it must be renewed before the expiration date specified in the registration and the renewal fee must be paid.

It is the registrar’s responsibility to keep the registration information up to date and update the registration in time. The branch does not issue reminders.

A renewed Main Business License (MBL) will be issued if renewed in person or by post within two weeks of successful online renewal.

How To Register Your Business Name?

In order for public records to be accurate, you must notify the Investment and Verification Services Branch after you change your registration information.

Changes in residence, business activities or partners (if one of the first partners is still present) must be submitted within 15 days of the change in the ministry form. There is no shipping fee.

However, changing your business registration name is considered a new registration and a fee may apply. For example, change the registration type. Registering a partnership with a sole trader or changing all partners in the partnership is considered a new registration.

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

If the business ceases to exist, you must cancel your business registration. There is no filing fee for trademark cancellation.

How To Get Your Free Business Name Registration

An amended or canceled registration can be submitted to the branch by post or in person at the public office in Toronto. For example, a registrant can change or cancel a business registration online through the ServiceOntario website at The registrant will receive a confirmation of the changes by mail within three weeks.

For general help in starting a new business, you can always contact the META staff!

You can also read through the guide to learn more about registering a business name

*The information in this article is not a substitute for legal advice. Information valid only on date of publication. Please check the appropriate government websites for the latest information, requirements and links. You’ve decided on your new brand and you’re ready to shout it from the rooftops! It’s you and me. Hello!

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How To Renew Your Business Name And Not Get Scammed!

Finding a business name is the first step in starting your business. now what?! What should be done next?

Your business name is on everything you put out into the world. So be prepared everywhere in your business!

The unique process of registering a business is to submit your business name to your state or federal government to legally register your business.

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

Registering a trade name is not the same as a trademark. You don’t need to register a trademark unless you want to make sure that others aren’t using your name.

Register Your Business A Step By Step Guide

Let’s say you want to use the name “Charlotte’s Pastry Castle,” and there’s a business in your area called Charlotte’s Patisserie.

Before you start using the name, do some research on your business name to make sure no one else is using it.

Checking state and federal trademark registrations, trademark databases is important. Once you know you can use the name, it’s time to register.

The term “trademark registration” can be confusing. There are two different processes involved and you usually need to do both:

How To Choose A Company Name In Australia

You may also decide that your reputation is so valuable that you want to make sure no one else takes it.

The way to do this is to trademark your brand. The word/name and logo are two separate trademarks. When submitting logos and logos, you will be prompted to separate logo programs.

Most businesses must register their brand with the government. Before registering your business, it is important to decide what structure you will use for your business (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation).

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

If you are a sole proprietor operating a business under your legal name, you do not need to register your business. In other cases, you must register your name as a legal trade name or trademark. You may need to register a trademark.

How To Trademark A Company Name: Basics For Budding Businesses

If you register in a state, you’ll be using your brand throughout the country. Find out how to register your state company or start a company online.

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If you want to use a name other than your legal trademark, you must register it as a trademark. Failure to register the name you use can result in heavy fines and other legal consequences.

Naming can be a big project, but once you’ve established the basics, it’s the right thing to do. If you’re just starting out, be sure to follow our naming convention, sign the new name.

T-Bô Menswear has brought in customers with a repeat rate of 30% within 90 days! The secret is in the community T-Bô is the first community-led menswear brand. Founder Allan Perrottet comes on the Sticky Branding podcast to share how. Naming your business is a big decision, and there are a few things to think about before choosing. I’m a big fan of starting first (more on that later), but it’s not hard to change things without branding. It’s great to start promoting your service or product through your personal social media channels, but to really focus on getting customers from your friends and family, you need to get your business name out there!

Steps On How To Register Your Business Name On Cac

So, where do we start? The first step when naming your business is brainstorming. If you’re into spreadsheets, start an article with keywords related to your business. If you’re smart like me, get out a piece of paper and start jotting down some ideas. I have created a printable download to use for the discussion and a checklist is included. Choosing a name does not happen overnight. I like to brainstorm a lot of ideas for a while so I can clarify the direction I want to go.

After you have a few keywords related to your business, products, and services, pull them in to create phrases. Use a word document to generate similar words. You need to do something to get your creativity flowing (listen to music, browse Pinterest, open your favorite magazine) and open your mind to words. You may see or hear something that contains an idea. Write it down!

Choosing a brand that people remember is key. Keeping it simple helps the mouth function better. If people remember your business name, they can find you when it’s time to order your product or purchase your service. Also, stay tuned because it’s memorable. What does that mean? If you create a script

How To Get Your Business Name Registered

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