How To Submit An Invention Idea

How To Submit An Invention Idea – Carrie Jeske.

To submit an idea as a Product Scout, register here , then send the product link or the inventor’s introduction directly to [email protected]. Always put the PRODUCT NAME in the body with the link and your title below your contact information. : “Product Scout”. Information on how to become “certified” will come over time as we earn mutual trust.

How To Submit An Invention Idea

How To Submit An Invention Idea

Technology companies, social networks, and crowdfunding have combined to disrupt consumer product launches and create chaos as manufacturers/distributors scramble to get ahead of competitors.

Famous Inventions And Inventors In Different Fields

You have to move quickly, and you have to present your ideas well. Words alone are not enough. Hand sketches won’t cut it and patent drawings…. Please no – they are for legal purposes. All you have to do is… start selling!

This means you need a well-made prototype and a short smartphone demo video. I can knock something out with a $5 cardboard concept prototype, but I can’t move forward with actual market research without a prototype that, at least, looks. Brand ready with the help of video magic. Watch the sales demo video for more information.

Do not send email with large video files! Host your video on a non-public platform such as YouTube “unlisted” setting, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox or another online hosting site. Email only the link, not the video file. If you have a sales sheet, you can attach it in PDF format.

We’re looking for new products, so check online to make sure it’s not out. Use a lot of descriptive keywords to search and if you find similar items, pay attention to the marketing terms used and use that information to do a deeper search.

Inventions That Do All Your Chores

1. Search Google “Images” to view the Photos page. This is the best first step because you have a picture in your mind. Match it with If your idea is in limited distribution, submit it as a Product Scout. If not, use what you find to improve your pitch.

2. Search by keyword description. Consider what terms buyers will use to find your product and take notice.

3. Search and These are crowdfunding sites where many new products are posted. See if similar funds have been received or listed. Look at products and marketing techniques to get ideas for your own pitch. The public domain is now dangerous, so before you post your thoughts, make sure you understand the risks/rewards. If you post and a direct licensee calls to offer you a contract, take it and say “thank you.” Even if you have a patent… it’s better in the hands of a big company that can defend it.

How To Submit An Invention Idea

2. Estimated cost and retail price based on other products with similar ingredients. Try to search between the retail range of $10-$50 or $50-$200. We buy in bulk and can make things much less expensive, but it’s good for you. To get some sense of the cost, don’t think too much. The ballpark is good to start with.

Human Brain Bulb Invention Idea Icon Line Style Vector Image

3. Consider products with similar content and start creating an inventor “mock-up” prototype to bring your concept into 3D format. Keep the mechanics simple.

4. Review competing solutions and focus on the problem being solved. What features and benefits do you find useful? Which demos look good? Find your unique advantage, collect marketing jargon and use it in your demo video to explain how your product is better.

5. Protect your IP – Have a patent pending on your demo video and use an NDA if companies start asking questions. According to the USPTO, 99% of consumer patents from independent inventors do not return financial benefits, so consider WHEN you file. Read my book “Selling Crowdfunding Products”. As Seen on TV” to find the appropriate steps. Trademarks, utility, design and international patents are making a comeback but can be expensive. If you don’t understand the laws, seek legal advice.

Don’t try to hire someone to live your dream. You need to create useful products that solve problems and present them in a way that makes consumers want to buy them, and companies want to license them.

What You Need To License An Idea

My email date and time stamps every email for my security and yours. All submissions are confidential, non-public disclosures. I will respond to each product submission with specific feedback related to the characteristics of successful TV products.

See you on the shelves or in your city. I travel widely in search of new product ideas and connect with service providers. If you want to meet in person, follow my travel calendar social networks.

Help me speak everywhere in your city. I travel all over the world, with my own money: inventor clubs, universities, crowdfunding, research competitions, entrepreneurship centers, networking events. Product Automation Platform No code automation across 5000+ apps Learn how it works, trusted security. 2M+ business features Create flexible workflows App integration Explore early access to 5,000+ app connections Be the first to try new products Beta transfers Send bulk data on demand Tables Beta No-code database Zaps interface Custom pages built for Alpha Your Zaps Explore App Integrations for Power Contact Sales IT Sales Operations by Role Marketing Business Owners Workflow Lead Management Customer Communication Internal Processes Data Management Startups Small and Medium Businesses by Company Large Enterprise Resources and Support Marketing by Role Marketing Business Owners IT Sales Operations More Information Blog University Webinars Get Help Customer Stories Help Center Community Hire an Expert Support Services Contact Support Teams and Companies Pricing

How To Submit An Invention Idea

Hero is faced with a huge – and possibly impossible – challenge. A random event or object stimulates their creativity, and suddenly they come up with a brilliant solution to save the day.

How To Get A Patent For Your Ideas And Products In 8 Steps (2023)

As romantic as this story is, it is also very unrealistic. Most of us do not develop brilliant ideas on our own. We have to put ourselves in the right situations and work hard to think the thoughts.

This is where brainstorming comes in. Brainstorming helps us innovate on demand – that is, when it works. It can also quickly become a waste of time discussing random ideas. If you want to generate​​​​​​great ideas, the key is to think effectively. It is so.

As central as brainstorming feels to modern work culture, it’s actually relatively new. In 1948, advertising executive Alex Osborne published Your Creative Power, a one-chapter book on brainstorming or “using the mind to storm a creative problem—and doing so in commando fashion, with each storm attacking the same goal.” he defined it. .

Osborne said his team used this technique to generate 87 ideas in 90 minutes. To help others harness their creative power, he outlined four primary rules:

How To Turn Your Idea For An Invention Into A Product

Brainstorming was a big hit. It has become one of the most popular ways to come up with new ideas. But as anyone who has ever sat through endless – and unproductive – brainstorming sessions knows, it can also be a colossal waste of time.

Experiment with these 12 strategies on your own and with a group to ensure that your individual and group brainstorming sessions lead to new (and useful!) ideas.

Independent brainstorming may sound like an oxymoron. However, Osborne’s own research shows that it can be more effective than group collaboration. A 1958 Yale study found that people working alone developed twice as many creative puzzle solutions as those in groups.

How To Submit An Invention Idea

Try these strategies the next time you’re alone and need to spark some creativity—and maybe try them before your team’s brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas.

Best App Ideas For 2023

Leadership trainer Andy Kelund recommends choosing a random noun (ideally unrelated to the focus of your brainstorming session) and connecting it to your brainstorming focus. Use the union as a springboard for other ideas.

Let’s say you want to host an event for your customers. You open a dictionary, flip to a random page and see the word “frog”. It reminds you of the frog your school photographer used to bring on photo day to make the kids laugh, prompting you to hire professional photographers to take LinkedIn headshots at the event.

Or you can use a tool like Word Association Lookup (shown below) or VisualWords to explore word associations:

Just as writers use writing prompts to find inspiration, you can use prompts to think of your next great idea.

Crazy Kids’ Inventions Turned Into Real Products (16 Pics)

Packs of creative task cards known as “method cards” were popularized by design agency IDEO. These cards will include various prompts to help you think about things like the content you’re using or the customer group you’re targeting. You can find sample decks at Method Kit, along with brainstorming prompts for projects, personal development, product development, startups, marketing and PR, workshop planning, personas, and more.

You can find original IDEO method card sets on Amazon – or you can create your own method cards from a PDF template.

Alternatively, ask a colleague to create a prompt for you. The best prompts are very short sentences (like “Describe your challenge or goal to a five-year-old” or “Do the last thing”) so your colleague doesn’t have to be familiar with what you do.

How To Submit An Invention Idea

Choose an interesting image that is somehow related to your mental focus. Customer Marketing Event Brainstorm For example, you can choose a photo of customers, a conference, or meeting people. Search on Google

The Idea To Invention System

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