How To Think Of A Good Blog Name
How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

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Want to know how to come up with a blog name that is memorable and accurately shares what you do?

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

Choosing the right blog name can ensure that potential readers know exactly what your site is about and properly gauge expectations. This clarity can help set you up for future success.

How To Name Your Blog (50+ Good Blog Name Ideas)

If you’re wondering how to come up with a blog name that’s right for you, here are the best things to think about along with what NOT to do.

Your blog name is the equivalent of an elevator speech to potential readers, letting them know what to expect, the tone of your blog, and whether it’s something that interests them.

Do it right and potential readers will know exactly what your blog is about. Get it wrong, though, and you can potentially confuse and turn off the very readers you want to visit your site.

Also remember that a name is not something that is easily changed once it has gained traction. Of course, when you only have a few hundred readers, changing your name doesn’t mean much. However, after a few years of operation and thousands to hundreds of thousands of readers, renaming your blog can be impossible.

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Own The Yard, pictured above, is a case study of a niche public website. Contains many internal and external product reviews and guides. The domain name conveys this well and is very memorable.

To help you choose the right name, ask and answer these questions to better inform the selection process.

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This might seem simple on the surface, but when you dig deeper, it can become more complex. What is really your new blog?

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

Go beyond the basics of “it’s a political blog” or “it’s a niche site about golf clubs”. Focus on the details, like what most of your articles are about and what specific topics you’ll cover.

Good Ideas For Craft Blog Names

Using our example above, instead of a niche site about golf clubs, you could describe your blog as a niche site about the best Callaway club sets released each year.

By understanding the core of what your blog will cover and also understanding what you won’t cover, you can better find a name that describes your purpose.

Once you’ve defined what your blog’s topic is, it’s also important to correctly identify who your target audience is.

Creating a name that appeals to your potential audience and accurately describes what you’re doing is essential. This will minimize potential confusion so that the right people can find your site.

How To Pick A Good Blog Name: 10 Quick And Easy Tips

When considering a golf blog idea, if you’re writing for first-time golfers, the name “Golf for Everyone” might not be the best one. It doesn’t clearly state what you do or who you’re targeting and can leave more advanced golfers finding your site unsatisfactory with beginner-focused content.

However, the name “Getting Into Golf” might be a better choice. It lets people know exactly what to expect and who your articles will be directed to.

Therefore, understanding your exact audience and having more than just a broad understanding of who you want to target is essential.

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

This might be hard to answer right now, but you need to have a general idea about whether you want to expand your site’s focus or not.

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Maybe you started a niche site talking about Callaway golf clubs, but then decided to start covering other brands. If your blog name is “Callaway Club Review”, you will have to completely redo it and risk losing your established readership.

However, if you choose a more general but still specific name like “On Point Club Reviews” then you have room to grow and expand in the future.

While you don’t want to be too broad if you plan on expanding your blog’s focus, leave some room for maneuver.

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While it’s impossible to predict the future, at the very least you should understand whether or not your audience might change in the future.

Yo Quiero Dinero: Digital Course Academy

Don’t think of it as individual people changing, because that will definitely happen. Instead, think about the types of people who are changing.

An example of this is if you have a golf blog about how to improve your swing. It is likely that even if all of your readers have been replaced by new people, they will have similar opinions and reasons for visiting your blog.

However, if you have a blog about movie reviews or pop culture, you might find that your audience changes quite regularly. Along with these changes, they may have different values, ideas and beliefs than their previous readers.

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

In the case of the golf blog, you might have a name like “Making The Hole In One”, and it will be appropriate over the years as new readers join your blog.

Tips On Picking A Blog Name

However, in the case of the movie site, a name like “Millennial Movie Reviews” may not be the best choice for a general movie review site as new readers from other generations join. Choosing this name can restrict your potential readership and limit growth.

Some of these considerations deal with the practicalities of naming a blog, such as not using numbers or special characters. Other considerations, however, deal with more legalities, such as copyright verification.

Be sure to keep each one in mind when thinking about names, as they are all important and will increase your chances of picking a good one.

You should be doing this anyway if you want to have a successful blog. However, if you didn’t do a thorough niche analysis before you got to the stage of naming your blog, do it now.

How To Come Up With A Good Blog Name [awesome Blog Name Ideas]

A niche analysis tells you everything about your chosen field, including who your competitors are, their audience, what they want, and more. It also helps you better define the parameters for what will make a good name.

For example, maybe you’re starting a golf tourism blog and find that a large percentage of your potential readers will be from English-speaking countries. It’s probably a good idea not to choose a name that is in a foreign language and difficult for an English speaker to pronounce.

A thorough niche analysis will help you better understand your niche and identify the different segments of your potential audience.

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How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

Target market research is taking niche analysis one step further. While a thorough niche analysis can reveal who your potential target market is, it won’t go into the details of their likes and dislikes.

Blog Names: 10 Ways To Come Up With Good Blog Names You’ll Love In 2023

To do this, you need to take the results of your niche analysis and do a little analysis of the target audience you find. Take a look at cultural factors that might influence them, such as religious, political, and social norms.

Using the golf tourism blog example from the niche analysis section, let’s say you discover from your niche analysis that a large amount of your potential traffic will come from Chinese visitors researching golf in other countries.

Upon further market research, you will find that there are many superstitions surrounding certain numbers. If you use one of these numbers in your blog name, you could end up alienating a large amount of your potential readers.

Once you have an idea of ​​your target market from your blog niche analysis, do a little research in each segment to avoid possible mistakes in naming your blog.

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Remember that your name will be used as a URL and needs to look good and be appropriate when combined into one word.

Part of this is aesthetic, meaning you don’t want a long string of words as a URL like “”. Another factor to consider, however, is whether your name means something inappropriate when put into a word.

Many companies were on the wrong side of jokes because their URL was inappropriate. See IT Scrap, a site about the information technology industry. Put those two words together in a URL and you get (It sucks).

How To Think Of A Good Blog Name

Another example is Teachers Talking, a site now for sale but previously for teachers to find language learning support. The website’s domain emerged as (Teacher Stalking).

New Blog Name, New City, & A Better Version Of Me

There are many examples of this, including some that can get your business into trouble with your target market.

Some of the best traffic you’ll get to your blog will come from word of mouth referrals. Imagine one of your readers excitedly telling a friend or stranger about your site and how your URL sounds when that person later searches for it.

Is it easy to say the name of your website? Are there any words that might confuse the spelling of your blog title someone trying to type at the end of the day after listening to you speak?

Let’s take a fictional toy blog called Toys Are Awesome. when one of

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