Masters In Big Data Analytics

Masters In Big Data Analytics – Most of the data generated today is unstructured data in various formats and sizes. According to Forbes, 95% of businesses believe that managing and analyzing all of their business data is difficult. Businesses and organizations need their data to make sense to:

Hiring professionals with experience and training in data analytics is a strategy that many employers, large and small, are using to become more efficient. Earning an online master’s degree in analytics will give you the skills needed to evaluate large amounts of data and perform comprehensive analysis.

Masters In Big Data Analytics

Masters In Big Data Analytics

We created this ranking to showcase some of the best online data analytics master’s programs in the country. We considered online programs offered by regionally accredited universities. To compile our list, we found the best graduate degree programs. Those who have:

Sop For Master’s In Data Analytics

We then applied our ranking method to determine the top 20 best online data analytics programs using the criteria below.

Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business features one of the best online master’s in business analytics for students with practical business experience seeking career advancement. This graduate degree program emphasizes big data and the use of analytical techniques to help make business decisions. This 38-credit hour online education program includes courses in:

All students engage in an applied capstone project focusing on a specific aspect of data analysis while developing business skills.

One of the best online analytics programs is offered by Colorado State University Global. The high-value online master’s in data analytics from CSU Global provides students with the data strategies needed to improve organizational performance. Students will learn how to use modern tools such as SAS, Rapidminer, and ETL. Basic degree courses:

Data Analytics & Statistics Graduate Programs 2023+

If you’re looking for an affordable online master’s in data analytics with a focus on personalized learning, Concordia University St. Paul very appropriate. This top 18-month online masters in analytics offers convenient, focused eight-week courses. Students gain a solid foundation in areas such as business intelligence and data analysis. Courses cover vital competencies in areas such as:

Data tools such as Hadoop and Splunk are included in the program so that data science students learn the latest technologies used in the field.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology features one of the best data analytics programs online that includes both focused foundational study and an in-depth emphasis in analytics. The 36-credit online learning program offers three concentration areas including:

Masters In Big Data Analytics

During the first year of study, students dive deep into the field of analytics and Big Data. In the second year, students learn how to apply analysis to their discipline. Graduates are successful data scientists and analysts in a variety of fields including finance and business intelligence.

Master’s In Business Data Science & Analytics

Courses are taught by distinguished faculty that include Nobel laureates and members of the National Academy of Sciences. Students complete the online program as a group in just 16-months.

Dakota State University offers an online master’s program for students who want to change the world through data analytics. Students will use the latest technology including Kafka and Hadoop to analyze Big Data. Basic Analytics courses include:

Courses are offered through a combination of live and recorded classes and students have access to interactive course boards and websites. Both full-time and part-time program options are available.

Drexel University is a private, comprehensive research university that offers a high-value online master’s in business analytics. Students can complete their degree in just 18-24 months. Concentrations are available in:

How To Become A Data Analyst: Education & Skills Guide

Custom concentrations are also available from several other disciplines. The program will focus on three specific pillars, including:

The high-quality online analytics program from Georgia Tech follows an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with a comprehensive set of tools. Courses are taught by leading experts in areas such as business intelligence and high performance computing. There are three program tracks available including:

All students complete a six credit hour practicum. Students can work with Big Data from their own company or a pre-selected project.

Masters In Big Data Analytics

The College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers an online master’s in data analysis with an engineering focus. The Master of Engineering in Data Analytics is a 30 credit hour program that combines the targeted applications in engineering with data science learning. Courses cover areas such as:

Top 10 Universities In Usa Offering Ph.d In Data Science

Students can complete their degree in two or three years. Applicants should have an undergraduate degree from an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accredited program and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business offers a leading online analytics master’s degree program that gives students a competitive advantage in the business world. The 30-credit hour masters can take as little as 15 months to complete. Course offerings in this data science program include:

Online students can connect and network with their peers by participating in the Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association. The program prepares students for exciting careers such as brand analytics manager or web metrics analyst.

The Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina offers one of the best online masters in data science that takes just 12 months to complete. Courses are taught by experienced faculty who work hard to provide students with a world-class education. Core courses include:

Data Science Vs. Data Analytics: The Differences Explained

The AACSB accredited program is offered 100% online for working students. There is no GMAT or GRE requirement, so students can start their degree right away!

Boston University Metropolitan College offers an innovative online master’s of applied data science to help meet the need for a workforce with the training and education to help make informed business decisions data. The 10-course applied data science curriculum includes specialized courses in:

Courses are taught by experienced faculty from the Department of Administrative Services. Students gain knowledge and hands-on experience working with various analytical models and decision support tools. Data specialist graduates will be able to:

Masters In Big Data Analytics

Brandeis University features one of the best online masters in data science with its strategic analytics program. Students develop skills that they can immediately apply at work. Class sizes are small, allowing students to develop professional relationships with peers from diverse backgrounds. Online classes cover areas such as:

Master’s In Data Analytics

Brandeis has a variety of elective course offerings that help students tailor their program to meet their professional goals. Special selections include:

The cost-effective online masters in applied analytics at Columbia University is a part-time program that takes six terms to complete. Online courses are taught by experienced practitioners who expose students to tools and research methods commonly used in the industry. The comprehensive approach covers both soft and hard skills needed for career advancement. The curriculum includes both a managerial and technical foundation covering areas such as:

Students can choose to complete an internship to gain hands-on experience in the field of data science. New students will enter for the fall and spring semesters.

One of our best analytics master’s programs is offered by The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. The top quality online masters in data analytics for students who want to put their passion for data to work. Both synchronous and asynchronous courses are delivered through the Canvas learning management system. Course offerings include:

Should I Get A Master’s In Data Analytics: Top Questions Answered

The cohort structure allows online data science degree students to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Data analytics degree graduates are well positioned for career advancement opportunities across the data science industry.

The great value online master’s in business analytics from Wake Forest University School of Business teaches students the full spectrum of analytical techniques. The program is designed for working professionals, providing them with the quantitative abilities and skills sought by major employers. Core courses include:

Students can join their classmates on campus at the end of their first semester for a professional development weekend. New students enter the program three times a year. Most students can complete their degree in 24 months.

Masters In Big Data Analytics

Maryville University’s budget-friendly online data analytics master’s degree is a 30 credit hour program with no campus visit required. Courses focus on critical concepts such as:

Data Science Careers That Are Shaping The Future

Courses are taught by experienced faculty who are familiar with the latest trends and practices in the field. Students learn practical skills working with Big Data that can be used immediately in the workplace. Applicants are not required to submit GRE/GMAT scores but should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and a 2.75 cumulative undergraduate GPA to be considered for the program.

Texas A&M University’s Mays School of Business offers one of the best online master’s programs in data science with a focus on data analytics. Courses are taught by distinguished faculty. The relevant curriculum has been designed to meet the demands of the industry. Courses follow a hands-on approach to learning covering areas such as:

All data science program students complete a capstone project that is both career-enhancing and work-based. Online and face-to-face students are part of the same class, creating a unique learning environment.

The budget-friendly online master’s in data analytics from Villanova University is a 24-month program created to develop business analytics leaders. The custom-created curriculum has been designed to cover the entire continuum of business analysis. Core courses include:

Master In Business Analytics And Big Data

Class sizes are kept small, allowing students to make connections with industry-savvy faculty. The interactive online format supports working data science program students to balance school and work responsibilities.

Our top choice for online masters in analytics

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