Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario – Trucking has changed the way businesses move their products. Can be delivered in large quantities with long distance coverage.

Having a list of the best trucking services in Ottawa can help entrepreneurs make informed choices. The services provided by the trucking company can be compared to what their business needs.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

For today, we’ve rounded up the top performers in this industry. We also prepared rough estimates and some frequently asked questions about common trucking services.

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Trucking service costs depend on many factors. One of the main determinants is the distance covered between origin and destination.

There are also significant differences depending on the type of freight truck used. Refrigerated trucks (or reefers) require higher maintenance costs (and can charge more) compared to dry vans and flatbed trailers.

Most trucking companies offer a free quote. Don’t hesitate to shoot them a message to get a more accurate quote for your shipping needs.

Business owners only want to partner with the best trucking companies in Ottawa to ensure that their shipments reach their customers on time and in good condition.

Fda To Regulate Transportation

But, how can you tell if you’re dealing with a top trucking company? We used these simple guidelines to narrow down our choices.

Top trucking companies offer a wide range of services. They understand that different shipments have unique demands on how to safely transport them.

Trucking companies must also comply with shipment quality. Quick turnaround time and careful handling are essential to customer satisfaction.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

Premier trucking companies also know how to keep up with changes in technology. They use modern software to streamline their processes.

Joc Directory Of Trucking Companies

Customer service is important in assuring the client that their shipments are in good hands. Professionalism and friendliness go a long way in pleasing the customer.

Manitoulin Transport has been in the trucking industry for almost six decades. It has grown to about 80 terminals in Canada and 200 service centers in America.

With this diverse distribution network, they can manage to provide various services such as full truckload and less than truckload, transborder shipping and rail intermodal.

We love that they work to pre-clear their shipments even before they reach the border. In this way, customers are assured of smooth transfer of their goods.

Ltl Trucking Company

We also appreciate that all their vehicles have GPS. Being able to track their shipments gives customers a sense of control over their business’s logistics.

Manitoulin also focuses on current trends in technology. They have automated transactions such as generating an instant online quote and producing a bill of lading.

What’s more, they even use a machine called Dimensioner. By scanning the items, this tool can provide an accurate measurement of the item/s to be shipped and thus set a more accurate price.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

Manitoulin Transport also handles temperature sensitive goods and even dangerous goods. Their crews are equipped and trained to ship specific cargo.

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We also love another service by Manitoulin, the RockSolid Service Guarantee. It’s their same day (12 NN or 4 PM) delivery guaranteed or your money back.

Their bilingual website has all this information and more. You can click English or French depending on the language you are most comfortable with.

However, it is unfortunate that Manitoulin does not have business hours on weekends. Also, strange that after 60 years in business they still haven’t achieved BBB accreditation.

Another drawback is the negative feedback they received from previous customers. As rare as these unpleasant experiences are, the company should still be aware of them as they can damage their reputation in the industry.

Lake Trucking Llc

“We are a small business in Ottawa with over 30 years of experience. I have to say, once I switched to Manitoulin Transport I had nothing but good experiences. They have always dealt with us in a professional manner in resolving any issues we encountered. The Ottawa guys are fantastic and my sales rep has always picked up my calls when I needed to talk to him. Keep it up Manitoulin, I look forward to many more years of our partnership. – Andrew Childerhose

“I was very impressed with the professionalism that was provided to me. I was shipping from Ottawa to the Northwest Territories and needed pallets to ship them. Ottawa terminal manager Tyler Begin brought me 2 empty pallets on his own time after work! Above and beyond the call of his regular duties. I deal with Manitoulin North on a weekly basis and their driver dispatch is always top notch. I highly recommend Manitoulin Transportation for any shipping needs anywhere in Canada. Amazing service. “… – Bruce Dowdswell

Rosedale Group is a family owned business that started on a small scale but till date has managed to acquire 40 trucks, 500 tractors and 1300 trailers. The fleet is used for full truck and less than truckload transportation in Rosedale.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

However, Cross-border services are only available on their full truckload shipments. Only less service than their trucks in Canada.

Red Long Haul Truck Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

However, that doesn’t mean their LTL is an inferior service. With 15 terminals, Rosedale ensures smooth transfer of goods from one location to another.

We also like that Rosedale offers storage and warehousing services. This offering includes storage, cross-docking and holding for pickup of palletized and rolled goods, among others.

We also appreciate that this trucking company is updated with certain trends in trucking technology. They use software to automate transactions and track your shipments in real-time.

However, one downside is that Rosedale does not operate on weekends. Some items may even need to be shipped beyond weekdays in some cases.

Erb International, Inc. — Waa Trucking

Also, it is not clear if they offer to ship temperature sensitive goods. There was no mention of reefs or refrigerated trucks on their website.

To add, we find it surprising that a trucking company that has been in the industry for almost 50 years has yet to be BBB accredited. An affiliation with such an organization helps in attracting more customers to their business.

“Always helpful, friendly staff. Helps with all my deliveries on time. The best truck drivers are hard workers. ” – Ottawa Jonathan

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

“your company driver mr neel..he is very helpful genuine and very kind person…we call professional driver thanks for helping us today sir…” – Lakwir Brar

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As the name of this trucking company implies, they pride themselves on a quick turnaround. Their clients that we have spoken to are very satisfied with this aspect of their service.

Part of the reason Swift can guarantee fast and error-free shipping is that they operate 24/7. However, they take orders over the phone on weekdays, weekends and holidays from 5:30pm onwards.

This BBB-accredited trucking company has a wide range of services including local freight, local flatbed delivery and local courier delivery. However, we noticed that temperature controlled cargo shipping is not part of their services.

However, we appreciate that they have some exclusive offers. One of them is Premium White Glove Logistics where they handle high value items such as medical equipment or trade show and convention materials.

Refrigerated Ltl California, Temperature Controlled Transportation Ca

Although they do not have terminals other than their office in Ottawa, Swift is able to provide overnight deliveries to the USA or Canada. They have service partners who can make these shipments.

Swift also kept up with the latest trends in technology as they allow their customers to do many transactions online. Their customers can get quotes, track their shipments or make delivery requests with just a few clicks.

However, one drawback is that we have collected several complaints about instances where their drivers have shown inefficiency on the road. We hope they will be given more training to address this issue.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

“Excellent courier service. They got me out of jams more than once! Great office staff, great traffic, great drivers, competitive rates. – Caleb Frizzle

Produce Industry Updates Measures To Improve Transportation Practices

“Such great service, great staff, they answered all questions and concerns and thoroughly explained anything you ask.. Service is very fast and easy, definitely the best place to go. ” -Manal Shalgin

BYEXPRESS can provide domestic, cross-border and international shipments thanks to their wide range of truck types. Their fleet of vehicles includes dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbed trailers, step deck trailers and removable goosenecks.

We love that they don’t stop with the usual freight offerings. BYEXPRESS also provides white glove services, trade show shipping, blanket wrap freight, furniture shipping and time critical freight.

This versatility of services allows them to reach more industries with shipping needs. They even offer same-day shipping in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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Transactions with BYEXPRESS can be done easily using technology. Their platform allows you to compare rates online with other carriers, schedule pickups, request invoices, and track your shipments in real-time.

However, it is a pity that they do not operate on weekends. Potential customers (such as those needing trade show shipping) can make good use of their services on these lean days, which gives them extra time to prepare.

Another downside is that BYEXPRESS has its share of negative feedback. Criticisms we’ve heard are issues with turnaround time and mishandling of items.

Refrigerated Trucking Companies In Ontario

Finally, this trucking company does not yet have BBB accreditation. In our opinion, getting

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