Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers – High school students from across Metro Detroit learn the intricacies and complexities of the business world at the University’s School of Business summer camps. These informative, interactive and educational camps, led by business expert faculty, give students the opportunity to get a head start on work experience and a college education.

OU works to ensure safe behavior and supportive interactions between youth and program leaders. Find out more about our initiatives on our Youth Protection page.

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

School of Business Administration summer camps are generously supported by EY, Rocket Mortgage and the Novak family.

This Summer: Join The Next Generation Of Accounting Students

In this interactive week-long summer camp, high school students explore the ideals of entrepreneurship, business leadership, and the global business environment. Participants will learn about business disciplines and career paths as they improve their team and presentation skills. Relevant field trips give campers a first-hand look at business operations.

In this exciting week-long summer camp, high school students will explore the world of data-driven business decision-making. Participants will learn the fundamentals of analytical decision making and explore careers in analytical and information systems. Through hands-on activities, students learn to analyze data through the lens of music, sports, and cars.

Through OU’s summer business camp, area high school students come together to learn about the global business environment, entrepreneurial practices and how to do business through data. Over the course of five days, students spent mornings and afternoons learning about a variety of business disciplines, including accounting, economics, marketing, operations, management information systems, human resources, and finance.

Under the guidance of experienced professors and university business faculty, students gain insight into the components of a rewarding career in business.

Registration Open For Free Enterprise Summer Camp

Each day, students participate in interactive learning activities that include games and presentations by OU and local business leaders.

“All the speakers we heard from were really inspiring,” Adams High School student Jose Leonard said. “You could tell they were passionate about what they were doing.”

Field trips are another part of the fun. Students visit local businesses such as Stellantis and Rocket Companies, where they meet with top executives and receive exclusive tours. A trip to Krispy Kreme provides both a sweet treat and an educational tour to discuss supply chain management. High school students experience college life and business careers through a variety of TCU Summer Bridge programs in accounting, finance, data analytics and supply chain.

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

Hundreds of business students benefited from residential summer camps on the Fort Worth campus to make an impact on their futures.

Free Summer Programs For High School Students 2023

Special summer programs allow high school students to participate in college life. At TCU’s School of Business, students are exposed to career options in a higher education environment and potentially life-changing experiences. This summer, four scholarship programs introduced hundreds of high school students to the TCU campus, faculty, college students and professionals through special business programs.

Each program focuses on a specific area of ​​business, including accounting, finance, business technology, and the newest program, analytics.

The Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP) has provided TCU experience to high school students for the past three years, but was only able to introduce an in-person format this summer. In a week-long program from July 10 to 15, high school students (grades 9 to 12) stayed on campus and learned about careers in accounting, finance, entrepreneurship and business fields. They were introduced to college-level workshops conducted by business professionals and educators, as well as fun team-building activities. Students benefited from valuable networking opportunities with leaders from global and national organizations.

In partnership with NABA, Inc., ACAP hosted 32 students at no cost to the students or their families. The tuition-free program is made possible by the generosity of TCU’s Board of Advisors and the Department of Accounting. At the end of the week, $20,000 in college scholarships were awarded to seniors to continue their education. The following video shows candid feedback from students who participated in the program:

Summer Camps Still Available For Kids

Administered by TCU’s Luther King Jr. Capital Management Center for Financial Studies, the TCU High School Investor Challenge is nationally recognized and welcomes students from across the country. To participate, students must be entering their senior year of high school.

This established program offers a six-day boot camp during the summer where students take on-campus courses in portfolio management and securities analysis, also known as stock picking. Each student manages a virtual portfolio and submits periodic stock reports in July and March to security analysts for review and critique.

In April, 71 students who participated in two summer scholarship programs will be invited to TCU for a celebratory dinner and present their portfolios.

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

Students from more than 30 high schools across the country had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of data at TCU’s first Analytics Academy this summer. The one-week residential program provided hands-on experience to improve their skills in data analysis and market research.

It In Business Summer Program For High School Students

In a world where data is everywhere and often influences decision-making, these high school students learned how to identify data, collect data, and analyze the data presented. Students learn from TCU’s nationally-ranked business school professors. Topics ranged from blockchain, bitcoin and artificial intelligence to machine learning and more.

In addition to the knowledge they gained, students were also able to interact with students with a similar interest in analytics. To learn more about student perspectives at the Analytics Academy, watch the video here:

Camp TCU Supply Chain Business TECH introduces high school students to the many ways that business technology is driving innovation in the global supply chain. Companies are constantly using technology to improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The Business TECH Camp gave students a first-hand look at business technology through company tours with Supply Chain industry partners. Students have access to renowned thought leaders and gain real-world insight from supply chain experts.

High School Virtual Summer Research Program

Each year, one camper who chooses to major in supply chain for their bachelor’s degree will receive a scholarship to support their continuing education. This year’s awardee was awarded a $10,000 scholarship. Do you want to apply for business programs? Or do you want to improve your leadership experience or spend your summer in a fun environment discussing interesting topics? You have come to the right place.

*** If you are looking for the 2022 list, you can check it out here: Best Business and Leadership Summer Programs 2022***

As mentioned in my other articles, most summer programs are only to generate income for the school and do not provide admission cost, if any. This goes double for programs that offer business or entrepreneurship experience, as these programs have become very popular with students. Note the cost of the program, application deadline, number of essays required, and approval lists from admissions office blogs. Check out our article on identifying worthwhile summer programs.

Summer Business Camps For High Schoolers

This list is specifically for business and leadership applications. I am grouping these programs together because I see these programs as being of similar admission value. For students applying to business programs, demonstrating leadership qualities and the ability to build community are critical. For students applying to any other humanities or social science program, leadership programs can inspire you by interacting with influential peers and discussing some of the most pressing issues in our society today. Getting into a program like TASP, EFL, or Notre Dame would do well in any program, including business programs.

Youth Leadership At Tilden Outdoor Summer Program

The list below shows business and leadership programs that almost every recruiter has at least heard of. To get a better idea of ​​the competitiveness and cost of admission for each program, I have divided the programs into three categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier. Specific rankings are certainly debatable, but again, this is just my opinion based on what I’ve researched and based on what the students I’ve worked with have attended.

Program Date: Canceled 2021 Application Deadline: Canceled 2021 Cost: International Students Free: Yes *** Telluride also sponsors the TASS program for sophomores, which is highly competitive and valuable for admission.

The Telluride Summer Program for Juniors (TASP) is one of the most competitive summer programs to apply for, regardless of which category we are talking about. This is a program that doesn’t really fit into one specific category, as each program varies in scope and subject matter. In 2020 (online program) topics range from humor, comedy, and identity politics to storytelling across genres: Writing for Personal and Political Change to Education and Citizenship.

Typically, students live on campus in a dormitory in one of several locations. TASP has recently been held on the Cornell, UMaryland and UMichigan campuses, although locations may change each year. Students attend classes with professors on specific topics, but are also given ample time to study and participate in their own activities. TASP is all about giving the students themselves the opportunity to shape their experiences through weekly house meetings to set rules and discuss community issues and budgets for sponsorship.

This Summer Camp Is Strictly Business

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