Summer Internships For Biology Majors

Summer Internships For Biology Majors – Many high school students want to pursue careers in biology as laboratory researchers, physicians, or naturalists. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities for high school students to explore these career paths well before college and use their experiences to clarify their college prospects.

This blog post will go over 25 different internship opportunities in different fields of biology to give high school students a sense of the breadth of options available in different biological fields. For students specifically interested in biomedical opportunities or premed activities, see our blog post on medical internships for high school students.

Summer Internships For Biology Majors

Summer Internships For Biology Majors

Also, to learn more about how computer science and artificial intelligence can serve as powerful tools for biological research, check out some of the AI ​​Scholars Program’s featured projects, including projects on COVID-19 genomics and mental health. There are strong programs in both AI + Biology and AI + Healthcare. Now without further ado…

Summer Internship: Environmental Studies Major Works As A Bio Tech At Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Hosted by the US Department of Energy’s Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI), iCLEM is a paid summer internship for economically disadvantaged high school sophomores and juniors in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties. The program seeks to broaden students’ understanding of biotechnology, microbiology, and biofuels. In addition to completing a research project, the program exposes students to career exploration and preparation for the college application process.

JBEI’s partner, Biotech Partners, hosts 6-8 week paid summer internships for high school students interested in exploring biotechnology at Berkeley, Oakland Tech, Antioch, and San Marin. The Biotech Academy includes academic curriculum and hands-on lab training designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to gain access to careers in biotechnology. Students receive tutoring in science and study skills, resume writing and job interview workshops, and talks from industry professionals and university researchers.

Upon completion of the Biotech Academy program, students are eligible to enroll in the Bioscience Career Institute. BCI is a two-year program that includes a year-long biotech coursework and courses that provide a Certificate of Achievement in Biological Sciences.

Wave Hill offers paid youth internship programs that prepare high school students for future studies and careers related to community engagement, environmental stewardship and education. Students can participate in a year-long paid internship as an arts, community and environmental steward; in a summer internship in ecological restoration and urban ecology; or in a 14-month woodland ecology research mentorship.

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By joining the SCA team, high school students can connect themselves to a nationwide network of young conservationists. SCA offers a range of programs from the community to the national level, through which students will build community, work on park restoration, develop leadership skills and prepare for careers in conservation.

Sponsored by the American Fisheries Society, the Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program is an eight-week paid summer internship and mentoring program for high school students, aimed at fostering interest in aquatic science among underrepresented groups. Participating students receive a $3,000 stipend and an all-expenses-paid trip to the Hutton Scholars Summit.

OHSU is Oregon’s only academic health center, with research leading to new treatments, new standards of care, and a better understanding of the basic science that drives biomedical discovery. The university offers volunteer opportunities such as clinical research in pulmonary and critical care and sleep medicine, novel interventions in children’s healthcare, and solid tumor and hematological malignancy clinical trials.

Summer Internships For Biology Majors

This six-week program for high school students focuses on service learning and conservation in local communities and parklands. Projects and activities vary from week to week and may include habitat restoration, career development, leadership workshops, iNaturalist exercises, and technical job skills, among others. At the conclusion of the program, all participants receive up to a $2300 education award.

App State Biology Interns Spend Summer In Wilson Creek’s ‘natural Playground’: Cleanup, Conservation And Outreach For A National Wild And Scenic River

Student employees with USDA gain valuable professional experience as assistants in scientific, professional, technical, and/or administrative fields. Internships can be paid or unpaid, giving students insight into future careers with USDA. Each year USDA employs thousands of students across the country in 7 mission areas, 19 agencies, and 16 administrative offices.

The Garden Apprentice Program (GAP) at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a great way for teens to learn about agriculture and the environment. Apprentices can work in the four-level program from 8th-12th grades as they develop job skills, facilitate teaching lessons to children, and learn about botany and the environment. Students make a nine-month commitment to GAP from March through November, which includes spring training, a summer program, and a weekly commitment in the spring and fall.

The MATE Center is a national partnership of organizations working to improve maritime technical education and prepare high school students for maritime careers. Internships vary from locations such as Santa Catalina Island, CA and Wallops Island, VA to Key West, FL and South Bimini, Bahamas.

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Bs In Biology

The George Washington Carver Summer Research Internship Program promotes “science with practice” by exposing interns to research opportunities under the guidance of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) research faculty members. The internship program seeks to bridge the gap between lack of access to technology/information and opportunities to engage in experiential learning.

Projects and research activities are available in various disciplines including agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, molecular biology, genetics, horticulture, microbiology and sociology.

Currently, BTI offers internship positions to students interested in botany research and computational biology. No prior laboratory experience is required for the positions and accepted students join an international community of scientists and attend seminars and workshops to learn from mentors in their field of study. Selected students will have at least one research advisor and will work with their advisors to complete a pre-assigned project appropriate for the six-week program.

Summer Internships For Biology Majors

SERC seeks to actively engage citizen scientists in projects such as the Chesapeake Bay Otter Alliance, the Chesapeake Bay Parasite Project, and the Salt Marsh Census. Other seasonal projects include bluebird monitoring, Project Owlnet, and river herring conservation. Check out other past and current projects on the website linked above.

Careers And Internships

The summer program at UC Davis is a residential research program designed to expose approximately 40 high-achieving high school students to the world of original research in the fields of biological, agricultural, environmental, and natural sciences. Participants work one-on-one with research faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories for six weeks.

Each student will work on an individual project and prepare a journal quality paper and symposium presentation about their work. Participating high school students will also receive five units of university group study credit.

In the Research Mentorship Program, students are paired with graduate students, postdocs, or faculty and choose a research project from a large list of disciplines, including biology, engineering, and astrophysics. In addition to deepening relationships with their mentors, high school students will spend the seven-week program learning research techniques, gaining insight into professional research-based opportunities, and refining their academic goals.

High school juniors will receive classroom instruction in the basics of cancer, seminars with invited speakers, and conduct an independent research project as well as professional development opportunities. Applicants can rank their preferred focus area among options such as biostatistics, cancer genetics, epidemiology, and tumor immunology.

Student Conservation Association Summer Internship

Previous Roswell Park summer program researchers have studied topics such as “disrupting the neural-vascular link in head and neck cancer” and “the role of heat shock protein in prostate cancer progression.”

SSRP is a guided biomedical research program for current high school juniors and seniors to design and conduct their own research project as part of a thematic research track. Research tracks include topics such as RNA virus discovery and bioinformatics, coronavirus immune response, and ant social biology. As SSRP Scholars, high school students should expect to spend 35 hours per week (M-F) for seven weeks engaging in the scientific process.

As a Department of Energy facility, INL offers a diverse array of paid internship positions to high school students. INL Headquarters Building Idaho Falls, Idaho–Area attractions include Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and Craters of the Moon National Monument. Internships include nationally competitive wages based on the number of credits completed.

Summer Internships For Biology Majors

For more than 15 years, HUSSRP has offered selected research-oriented high school students the opportunity to work with Hofstra science faculty in an on-campus research program during the summer. The program culminates in a poster session in the fall in which students showcase their summer research. Students are selected for this program based on their academic merit and the availability of research mentors in their area of ​​interest.

Harvey Mudd Students Earn Prestigious Summer Internships

Nationally recognized ASSIP offers transformative research opportunities for high school students. Selected participants work with George Mason University faculty researchers in a number of disciplines using cutting-edge technology. As part of an 8-week, full-time internship, students will develop scientific writing and communication skills and explore STEM career choices through discussion forums.

High school interpreters, the Exploratorium’s youngest staff, are a diverse group of students who engage visitors in exhibits, leadership demonstrations and museum operations. Three groups of high school interpreters fill more than 130 paid positions a year. For many students, a work-based learning program is their first work experience.


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