Symbols And What They Represent

Symbols And What They Represent – Symbols are powerful because they can communicate directly with your subconscious. It is no wonder that religions and cultures around the world have always used symbols to feel closer to the divine and to trigger positive changes.

In this article, let’s look at 16 powerful symbols that you can use in your life to attract positive energy, protection, good luck and prosperity.

Symbols And What They Represent

Symbols And What They Represent

OM (or Aum) is considered sacred as a sound as well as a symbol. Its origin is based in Hinduism but it has also been adopted by several other religions such as Sikhism and Buddhism. The symbol itself is a combination of three Sanskrit letters A, U and M, representing the union of mind, body and spirit.

Symbols/codes Used By The (american) Homeless To Help Out Or Warn Others

It was believed that the vibration of the OM sound was responsible for the creation of the entire universe and consciousness itself. All major religions recognize this vibration but each religion has its own name. For example, in Christianity it is known as ‘Amen’.

The lotus flower is a powerful symbol of spiritual enlightenment and perseverance. This symbol has been used in several cultures but originates from the time of ancient Egypt. Because lotus flowers close at night and open in the morning, they were often used to symbolize the idea of ​​rebirth and were closely associated with the sun god Ra.

The roots of this beautiful flower are in the mud, yet it blooms above the water into a pure untainted flower. This flower is a constant reminder that you have the power to rise above challenges and become the greatest version of you.

Statues of Fu Lu Shu, also known as the Gods of the Three Stars, are displayed in millions of homes and workplaces around the world, due to their famous symbolism of happiness (Fu), prosperity (Lu) and longevity (Shou).

Christian Symbols: An Illustrated Glossary

They can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty, when the gods of the three stars were said to have presented themselves in human form for the first time, and are still the most common deities in China today. Traditionally, the statues are arranged with Fu on the right, Lu in the middle and Shou on the left, and are said to perform better if placed on a high shelf.

The Lakshmi star is an octagram, or eight-pointed star; If you notice this symbol, you will notice that it contains two squares together. Its eight points represent eight different forms of wealth, which are: money, ability to transport, endless prosperity, victory, patience, health and nourishment, knowledge and family.

Imagine an elephant showering water from its massive trunk; This symbolism is said to depict the elephant’s spirit of prosperity and luck. An elephant with its trunk raised, whether displayed as a statue, rug or in some other form, is said to bring good luck when placed in your home.

Symbols And What They Represent

A fundamental sacred geometry symbol, humankind has found the torus in structures as small as atoms and as massive as galaxies. It is also said that the human aura presents itself in the spiral form of a torus. Due to its appearance in all things great and small, the Taurus is said to represent unity and oneness.

Common Symbols And Meanings: How To Use Them In Design

The flower of life consists of nineteen circles, overlapping in perfect symmetry. This positive symbol, like many others on this list, originates from ancient times. Although this happened long before the invention of microscopes or telescopes, we now know that the flower of life resembles an atomic structure; Like Taurus, the flower of life is said to stand for existence itself and the basic structure of all life.

“Triskela” is translated from Greek as “three legs”; As such, the triskel is a symbol consisting of three interlocking spirals. Due to its tripartite nature, the triskel represents multiple “threes”: life/death/rebirth and maiden/mother/crone (the triple goddess) are just a few examples.

Thus, this ancient Celtic symbol reminds you to be at peace with all that is within and around you. It gives you strength and positive energy to let go and accept the core nature of the universe.

Also known as the Eternal Knot or the Infinite Knot, this symbol appears as a winding figure with no beginning or end. As such, it represents non-duality, or the concept that you are one with everything in the universe – both before, during and after your life on Earth. It reminds you that you are infinitely powerful and helps raise your energy to higher levels.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Divine Circle (evil Eye) Of Protection Collection? — Tammy Machmali

Mandala, a Sanskrit word, literally translates to “circle”. Not only do these intricate circles represent unity or non-duality—again, the knowledge that you are one with all that exists—they are also said to help access inner knowledge during a meditative state. Some swear by these designs, staring at them during meditation for massive insights.

The chariot looks like two rotating tetrahedrons; It is said to represent a rotating energy field centered in the human body. When you meditate, practice yoga, or do breath work, you activate this rotating energy field. The Shining Chariot elevates our human consciousness and energy to higher dimensions.

Another sacred elephant from Hindu culture, Ganesha is actually a deity, who protects humans as they start over. In the jungles of India, the huge elephants are known for felling trees and clearing paths in the forests. Keeping a Ganesha symbol in your home is supposed to help clear life’s obstacles from your path and attract positive energy when you start something new.

Symbols And What They Represent

If you’ve ever used feng shui to arrange things in your home, you may have heard of the bagua, or feng shui energy map. Like the star Lakshmi, it also contains the number eight, as it divides the house into eight sections: career, spiritual growth, health, money, fame, love, creativity and helpful people. This energy map, when used correctly, can help you attract abundance and positivity into your space.

Pagan Symbols And Their Meanings

Spirals represent awakening, wisdom, evolution, connection with higher energy and enlightenment. They can be viewed as a winding staircase that takes you down the rabbit hole from the outer world to the infinite inner world. They also represent the connection between the conscious and the subconscious. When you connect with your inner self, you begin your journey of enlightenment and connection with a higher energy.

The hexagram (or six-pointed star) is drawn by cutting two equilateral triangles. So you will need to draw two different triangles to get the shape. But the one-course hexagram is different because it can be drawn in one continuous line.

This powerful symbol of positivity (which is also hidden within the flower of life symbol) represents the union of the conscious and the unconscious, the form and the formless and the connection between inner and outer reality.

Simply put, fractals are the same pattern that repeats over and over again, endlessly, to create a structure. Fractals are everywhere in nature, in snowflakes, river systems, sea shells and even galaxies. They represent infinity or infinity of possibilities. Some popular fractals that you can use as symbols are hexagonal fractals like the dodecahedron or star fractals like the 5 or 8 sided star fractal.

Is Anyone Familiar With These Symbols And What They Mean? I Bought These At An Estate Sale And I’m Unsure Of Their Origin.

The triple moon symbol, also known as the triple goddess symbol, is one of the prominent symbols used in Neopaganism, Paganism, and Wicca. The full moon surrounded by waning crescents symbolizes the goddess, as well as the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The triple moon is commonly used among women as a symbol of empowerment as it also represents the three stages of a woman’s life; The girl, the mother and the helper. Feeling down? Use this symbol to boost your confidence and connect with the divine feminine within.

The Dharma Chakra is a most sacred symbol of the Buddhist faith, as it represents the Buddha’s teachings. It is also common in Hinduism and Jainism. Known as the Dharma Wheel, it represents the path to Nirvana which is the highest level of spiritual enlightenment a person can achieve.

Symbols And What They Represent

There are many variations of the Dharma Wheel; From 8 to 24 spoke designs, with each spoke representing a different aspect of the Buddha’s teachings. In general terms, it is primarily understood to represent wisdom, insight and knowledge. Use this symbol if you feel emotionally unbalanced or overwhelmed, to promote peace of mind and harmony within yourself.

Symbols Of The Universe (worldbuilding Guide) By Domainofthedread Fur Affinity [dot] Net

The pentagram is found on pottery pieces dating back to 3500 BC, in the Chaldeans of ancient Mesopotamia. Today, it is commonly used by witches and pagans to represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, as well as the divine spirit. In Wicca, it is often used in exorcism rituals, making it an extremely powerful protective symbol to protect you from negative influences.

The witch’s knot is a symbol that has existed for centuries, as a means of warding off evil. Inside the knot is a circle which is a common symbol of protection. The witch’s knot is a symbolic representation of the knot magic practiced by witches in the Middle Ages, which is often drawn

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