The Best Door Locks For A Home – When you secure your front door, back door, or any front door, whether you are leaving the house or locking things up for the night, you should be confident that you will be protected from intruders. But your safety depends on choosing the right locks for your front doors.

Did you know that more than a third of thieves enter through the front door? This is a sobering thought and a great reason to reconsider your existing lock.

The Best Door Locks For A Home

There are numerous styles and types of front door locks to choose from, including smart locks, deadbolt locks, and electronic locks. Some have smart features compatible with smart home devices, while others have a remote control and smartphone app. And some, of course, come with physical keys.

Door Safety Lock Best Tech Smart Fingerprint House Entrance Door Locks With Beep Alarm

But which entry hardware and lock type is right for you? Tip: These are not door handles. Let’s take a look.

The primary concern, of course, is security when it comes to any front door. The most secure front door lock, or any front door lock of course, is one that prevents forced entry, but the right exterior lock is durable and reliable over time. The front door will not be protected by any type of lock. You can choose from smart locks, electronic locks, keyed locks, doorknob locks and numerous deadbolt lock configurations.

Door handle locks are locks on door handles, whether they are handles or levers. These are the locks you see on both interior and exterior doors. The lock cylinder is located in the handle itself, which means they are not a good security method for external doors. A blow with a hammer or other hard object can easily break them.

Latches offer strong protection against unauthorized entry. Deadbolt locks have screws that move when you turn a knob or key. These locks are resistant to physical attacks (such as someone trying to break down the door with their body) and the use of blunt and hammering tools.

Installing A Deadbolt: A How To Guide

When choosing a deadbolt lock, another consideration is the deadbolt where the lock fits into the door frame.

The right front door lock and all front door locks should have a heavy-duty metal plate with at least three-inch bolts securing it to the door frame. This will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to enter your door.

There are three basic types of deadbolt locks: single, double and vertical. The single-cylinder deadbolt is the simplest, operated by a key on the outside and a button on the other side. The key must be used on both sides with double cylinder lock. The lock moves up and down, not horizontally, with vertical pins. This type of deadbolt lock has the highest resistance to break-in.

You will easily recognize the electronic lock because it is equipped with a keypad. These electronic locks are opened using an attached keypad rather than a key. Some are battery powered, others are mechanical. They use the included numeric keypad, not a key. The shutter is usually used as the actual locking mechanism. These locks allow you to create passcodes, and some allow you to set multiple codes so you know who is coming in or out.

How To Install A Door Lock

Smart locks use the latest technology to provide a variety of ways to unlock your door and maximize security. Some come with a keypad and lock, but locking and unlocking most smart locks can be done via a smartphone app or key fob. Most smart locks that only use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can also connect to your home’s smart features and even have voice control. These smart locks are powered by batteries.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has partnered with the Builders Hardware Association and tested locks to establish standards so you can be sure you are choosing the right product for your front door lock.

ANSI ratings have three criteria: safety, durability, and finish. Votes are represented by numbers. A Grade 1 is the best grade possible, a Grade 2 is good for most residential front door locks, and Grade 3 front door locks should be avoided.

This tells you how secure the lock is once installed on your front door. A lock with a high level of security means that you can put a lot of weight on it without breaking. That doesn’t mean the lock isn’t easy to open, but the AAA rating means the door won’t break easily.

The Best Smart Locks For 2024

This tells you how the lock will perform over time and at different temperatures and whether it dent’s easily. You will need a durable lock for your front door, which is often closed and opened.

It is not only a question of aesthetics, but also of durability. You want a lock that doesn’t scratch easily and is resistant to moisture and salt.

You can buy a great lock, but if the right strike plate is not used, you are compromising security. The strike plate attaches to the door frame. Without the right one, an intruder can easily knock on your door, no matter what other measures you take. The bolts securing the strike plate should be at least three inches long, and the strike plate itself should be made of durable metal.

Now that you know the different types of front door locks and lock classifications, how do you know which type of lock is appropriate for any front door in your home, including the front door? Let’s take a look at the options and their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision and choose the right lock.

What’s The Right Height For A Handle On A Door?

Almost all exterior door handles and handles contain built-in locking mechanisms. This means you can turn the locking handle, close them to lock them from the outside and go.

These door locks are easy to use, but extremely susceptible to break-ins. These weak handle and lever locks are easy to pick and a single hammer blow can break them. Once the door handle is removed, the door lock cylinder can be easily manipulated.

Exterior door locks are supposed to be much more secure and reliable, while push-button locks do not provide this. Push button locks should only be used for interior doors and not to secure front doors or other entry doors.

No matter what type of front door you have, it needs a deadbolt. As mentioned above, a single-cylinder deadbolt has a keyed lock on one side and a handle on the other. This type of lock will not have a spring.

Choosing The Best Door Locks To Enhance Your Home’s Security

You should make sure the screws go at least three inches into the jamb. This is a safe lock if you choose the right class, but if you have a French door or side lights next to it, there may be better choices than this.

Single cylinder locks are the most common because they are efficient and cost less to purchase and install than other locks. They are also more convenient because you don’t need to use the key inside the door.

However, if the front door window is close enough to the lock that someone could break the window and turn the handle, a single-cylinder deadbolt is not the best choice.

This type of front door lock has holes on both sides of the door. These dual key locks add extra security to all types of front doors. In fact, you may want to replace your existing deadbolt.

Are Electronic Door Locks Safe?

Installing a double cylinder lock means greater security. As mentioned above, doors with windows or side lights can break and intruders can enter and unlock the door. Double cylinder locks provide an additional layer of protection for home security. Replacing your existing lock with a two-cylinder model can reduce burglaries by at least 50%.

If you decide to use a double cylinder lock for a new or existing door, keep an extra key on hand in case someone needs to get out in an emergency.

These locks are probably overkill and aren’t the most attractive option of the bunch, but they provide great security.

Vertical deadbolts are attached to the door frame at the top rather than the side and prevent thieves from opening the door. If you live in a high crime area, a vertical deadbolt can be a great option.

Can You Rekey A Smart Lock? Pros And Cons Of The Tech

An electronic lock is a type of keyless lock for your front door. It’s actually a type of smart lock, but it’s not as “smart” as other smart locks, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

There’s no key to lose or use: Electronic front door locks usually use a keypad and PIN code.

If you’re going on vacation and need a friend, family member or neighbor to feed your dog or water your plants, you don’t have to worry about getting extra keys. Plus, you no longer have to hide the key under that fake rock, in case someone gets locked out.

Smart locks in the form of electronic keypad locks have been around for quite some time. Smart locks are the latest in front door locks.

Best Smart Locks To Protect Your Home

You can integrate smart locks into a smart home system or integrate them with things like a smart speaker or your own

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