Window Design For Home Kerala Style – Faizal, an expatriate, is excited about the new house he built in his hometown of Kootilangadi, Malappuram, Kerala. The construction of the house was supervised by Faizal’s father, PC Hamsa, vice-president of Moopilangadi panchayat. Architects Riyas and Sajeer from architecture studio Covo, who are also good friends of Faizal, were given the task of designing a beautiful house. Faizal said he is not stressed about construction because his close friends and family take care of everything, from drawing the plans and purchasing building materials to adding the finishing touches.

The elevation has a unique grid style in pure white adorning the exterior walls. The beautiful brick cladding adds the perfect contrast here. The garage extends beyond the facade of the house. Structural work is done using sit-out MS, to allow vines to climb. Front yard paved with gravel. This spacious 2,600 square foot home has a carport, living room, dining room, kitchen with work area, and four bedrooms.

Window Design For Home Kerala Style

The living room, designed with double height, is the highlight of the interior. Here all the walls are lined with windows. A 2.5m x 4.5m UPVC glass window is installed in the living room, giving it a unique charm. The windows bring plenty of sunlight into the house illuminating the room with natural light. A vertical garden constructed of lightweight steel is a wonderful feature of the living room. The stair handrails are made with MS. There is a laundry area arranged under the stairs. The living and learning areas are arranged to the highest level.

A Kerala Home Set In Tropical Skyline

Vitrified tiles in matte finishes are installed on the floor. Merbau wood is used to make doors and windows in this house. The minimalist-style plaster false ceiling adds charm to the elegant interior.

The TV wall in the living room, each wall in the dining room and bedroom are highlighted with textured paint. A cozy dining table that seats six is ​​made of irul wood.

Kitchen cabinets are made of plywood and paint. A nearby work area and a storage room complete the kitchen.

Two bedrooms are each distributed on two floors. The headboards in the bedroom are decorated with beautiful wallpaper with a beautiful design. Three bedrooms are en-suite and there is also a shared bathroom.

Window Designs For Home, House In India, Indian Style, Design Pictures

The construction of this elegant house, including additional design and furnishings, was completed with a budget of Rs 60 lakh. Faizal swears that he can build her dream house within the allotted budget. There are many windows in this house that help illuminate the entire house and fill the room with cool breezes. Therefore, there is no need to turn on the lights or dispose of the house during the day, which significantly saves on electricity bill. Our company is a highly professional manufacturer of steel security doors, fire doors, solid wood doors and PVC doors. , steel wooden doors, stainless steel doors and various styles of PVC and aluminum windows with a collection of design, R&D, production and sales, is also known for the quality of products at quite competitive prices. We are distributors in many countries and also suppliers to many agents and projects. In addition, we carry out wholesale business with our own warehouse to offer a complete set of high-quality services. OEM is also accepted. We warmly invite you to contact us for cooperation based on mutual benefits and a successful future!

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Kerala House Main Door Design High Quality Compound Security Door

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This Riverfront Villa In Kerala Is Designed Like An Ancestral Home

Windows and doors are one of the main accessories of any home. You can find various designs online, but if you are trying to create a modern look, finding the right design can be very difficult. To help you overcome this situation, here is a list of 20 modern door and window designs that you can incorporate into your home. Before focusing on the front window design, be sure to consider the color, texture and thickness of the wall in question.

If you are looking for a sturdy door that will also last a long time, then it is a must to consider a solid wood single door like this one. You can also paint the door a dark color to make it stand out.

For those of you who want to add a lot of natural light to your home, it is also recommended to use a bay window like this one. These windows allow you to admire the outside landscape and make the room seem more spacious than it really is.

To give a majestic but modern touch to your home, making wooden and glass French doors can be the perfect solution. Although the frame is quite solid, this door allows sunlight to flood the dining room and allows you to admire nature at the same time.

The Glass Windows Of A Modern House With A Wooden Framework Stock Photo

If you have a garden terrace or open terrace, incorporating the same floor-to-ceiling glass door can be a great way to decorate the room.

Of all the elegant door designs, making a sliding door like this can be one of the best alternatives to save space and be easy to maneuver.


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