Best Door For Brick House – A front door is an inexpensive improvement that packs a punch in the areas of curb appeal, home value, security and energy efficiency. The front door of your home welcomes visitors warmly. It creates the desired appeal for your family and friends when they approach your home.

Various factors come into choosing the best entrance door and its color, and if your home is brick, you have special features that apply. First impressions last, and it’s important that the main part of your home – your front door – say what you want to say to your guests: welcome!

Best Door For Brick House

Here are some tips to get the most out of the hue you choose for your front door.

Astonishingly Beautiful And Best Front Door Colors

This is a great place to start when choosing your front door color. If your home is traditional, conservative colors like black, gray and white work well. If your home is modern, coastal or craftsman, expand your palette to add a bold look and color.

When looking for an entry door color, look for colors that contrast with the color of your brick. A contrasting color makes your front door stand out and adds visual appeal to the curb appeal of your home. The color of your door should sit opposite the brick color of your home on the color wheel. For example, a green front door contrasts perfectly with a red brick house. The blue door contrasts well with the orange brick.

When you have a brick home, your door should match or complement your trim and shutter color. Avoid colors that clash with your brick, and don’t try to match the color of the brick.

Choosing the color of the entrance door may seem like an easy task, but when you realize how important it is to modify it, it can be a little difficult. Check out our tips for finding the right color for your front door, and find a door color you’ll love for years to come.

How To Choose The Best Entry Door Color For Your Brick Home

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Get peace of mind that your home is well protected with a secure, new entry door. Love your home again with a front door that enhances your home’s curb appeal and welcomes family and friends. Get inspired by viewing our door gallery. Our reliable team is ready to serve you. Brick houses have played an important role in housing for centuries, which means the choice of front door color for brick has also been a challenge for centuries. We want everyone to know that it is absolutely possible to have cooler curb appeal with an attractive color palette and brick home. From black, to wood, to green, there is a front door color on this list for everyone. Read on to discover our popular front door color options for brick homes.

What? Having trouble choosing paint colors that complement your brick home? Our expert brick and mortar designers are here to help guide design decisions like this! Learn about our virtual design services.

Our designers only use and recommend products that we know, like or would use on our own properties. When you purchase through our links, we may earn a commission at no cost to you.

Does it get more luxurious than mahogany on the front door? Perhaps one of the most popular front door colors for brick homes is natural wood doors, meaning they are not painted. Wooden doors may be the most popular choice for the front door of a residence. Mahogany in particular is very durable. It is resistant to termites, changes in temperature and humidity, making it an excellent choice for coastal homes and those in humid environments.

How To Paint A Front Door For Maximum Curb Appeal

Like wood, black is also a popular front door color for all homes, and especially brick homes. Black, as we know, comes in many shades. charcoal; black and blue, brown and green below; and true black are all good options to pair with many style brick homes. The design above features black by Benjamin Moore on the front door, windows, ends, trim, and fascia, pulling from the charcoal found in the brick contrast. This whimsical, gothic look may not be for everyone, but we love it.

Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a deep ocean blue. The rendering above shows the combination of the original navy blue color on the front door with the white columns and trim. Orange tones in brick are on the opposite side of the color wheel from blue. This provides an interesting visual contrast between the brick and the blue door, drawing your eye where we want it to go: the entrance. It’s a similar concept but very different execution to the next model on our list…

The simple front door switch of this mid-century brick home makes a big impact. Orange and brown are complementary colors – or true opposites. This color pairing contrasts well and can be toned down or played with a smaller or larger statement. Galapagos Turquoise by Benjamin Moore is an excellent front door color choice for this bright and light orange brick home.

Don’t get deja vu, but this is the same house shown earlier (#1) with its original brick versus whitewashed brick. In this implementation, we like Benjamin Moore’s Amherst Gray on the front door and the vertical accent siding. It’s sleek and casual, a warm gray that works well with Sherwin Williams’ available beige on the window trim and porch columns. In addition, it is true gray tones that are combined with stone stairs and pavers in the walkway. We get cool vibes from details like the gable brackets and upper level window box.

Best Front Door Colors

We always recommend sample inspection and testing of colors before shipping. Factors such as natural light, flooring, and the standing elements of your property will have a significant effect on how the color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samples offer 9 x 14.75 inch pail-and-stick paint samples of our favorite outdoor paints. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Sample here.

Look at the light brick on the house above. Lighter bricks need a deeper color that complements each other. In this case, we suggested Deep River by Benjamin Moore on the front door along with a similar light color, Pewter Green by Benjamin Moore, on the shutters. Deep River has gained popularity recently; In fact, it made our list of the best exterior colors of 2022.

Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore is an inky, almost-black color that looks great on suburban brick homes like the one above. Think brownstones, townhomes and downtown brick-and-mortar businesses. The color updates the brick and maintains a historic feel. Although this model has black piping and lights, we think copper would look just as amazing.

For a colorful take on a mid-century brick home, try Wasabi by Benjamin Moore. Our designers have used wasabi on several front doors for both modern and mid-century homes. Both designs above feature wasabi with a darker brick color and charcoal accents, like Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty in the design above.

Front Door Paint Colors You’re Guaranteed To Love

Whether it’s in color, material, size or style, the front door is an opportunity to make a statement. Natural colors and textures on brick homes make this a little more difficult, but it’s not something we can’t handle! We suggest you look for inspiration in photos, historic neighborhoods and find color samples that suit you. If you’re still struggling to perfect the color, that’s what we’re here for!

Are you curious to see what your home would look like with a different front door color? Our designers can help you bring this beautiful design element to your home. It’s as easy as submitting a photo and answering a few questions. Get started today!

Originally from Tennessee, Amy now lives in South Carolina, which has been home since leaving the military in 2016. Interior and exterior design has been a constant.

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