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Best Paint For A Home Office

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Of The Best White Paint Color Options For Home Offices

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There are many perks of working from a home office, but there are also distractions. Between meetings and crossing tasks off your to-do list, it’s easy to be tempted by the laundry pile or convinced you need to make that third (or fourth) cup of coffee. Staying on top of your work starts with a home office that is conducive to success. Before you grab staples like desktop organizers or suave desk supplies, you need to start with the biggest foundation of all: the perfect office paint color.

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Best Home Office Paint Colors To Revamp Your Workspace

The best part of your office in your home is that you can draw on how to design and decorate. With that freedom comes a sense of choice overload, but for dedicated workspaces, productivity may be the biggest priority. You want your space to help you stay focused and calm rather than distracted while working on your to-do list. The best way to ensure a good color is to choose a color you like and swatch carefully.

In fact, it’s been proven that the colors around your workspace can directly affect your productivity, so why not do the same in your home office? Each color of paint tends to evoke a certain mood, and combined with other interior elements, the shade you choose can affect your mood while you work. There is no right or wrong color palette – it’s a very personal decision. However, favorites tend to be blue, green and neutral. More exciting colors have seen a rise in popularity, such as pink and red.

Kickstart your productivity and make your home office a place you enjoy spending time with these 10 colors.

This moss tone is elevated and relaxed, making it perfect for a home office space. Greens like this one mixed with wood accents can result in a workspace that feels more grounded and a touch more relaxed – even when work is busy.

The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

Purple tends to be a rare sight in home interiors. Maybe deep and saturated tones feel a little scary to combine, but as shown in this home office, you have to take a chance. With the right shade, purple can be a sophisticated color that frames any table and never leaves the workspace feeling blah.

Blue is a unique color choice because it can be both plain and energetic. With the right decor and furniture, the home office becomes a productive workplace (and in this case, a comfortable place too). It is also a reliable classic paint color that has been on trend for decades. Blue never goes out of style, and it’s a tough color to get sick of.

Neither bright white nor dark nor ultra colorful, pale gray is the ideal neutral color. It is a safe choice for a room that continues to grow or if you are one to experiment with different accent colors and decorative objects. Due to its soft nature, it is difficult to mess with pale grey, which is a non-negotiable feature in the front office.

For a strong color that is sure to suit your home’s cabinets, look at deep blue paint chips. Grounding, bold and wise – all this includes the color navy blue. They happen to be pretty fantastic backdrops for most styles, whether you want a rustic wooden table, a sleek mid-century modern table or a leather chair.

Small Home Office Ideas

Sage borders the gray neutral line, but if you want more color in your office, olive green might fit the bill. It can look regal when paired with antique-style furniture and cream accents, but it’s also a fun color that can be used in a more free-flowing creative office space. A slightly muted tone keeps it from straying into slightly vibrant colors.

Drawing a blank for a good paint color? Maybe a blank canvas is all you need. White is a fail-proof color that remains timeless, plus there are many colors that can be used with white. You can combine any style, accent color, decor or furniture, and it will look great, no matter what else in the room. This is also true for the front office.

If neutral is a bit too blase for your taste, but you don’t like electric orange or, dusty pink or mauve is good in between. It is ever-so-slightly more energizing than beige, but cannot be interpreted as too loud or obnoxious. While pink is colorful on its own, this office proves that other bright colors can contrast well without clashing.

Can’t decide between dark blue and blue? Until you say your name. It’s a solid solution for a home office that needs a fun color that’s more fun than neutral (sorry, beige). With the beachy granny trend continuing, it’s the right choice and will last a long time in style. Flexible colors, and the right decoration and texture can make it sleeker Scandinavian, contemporary, beach or modern.

Seven Great Paint Colors For The Home Office

Rose is a lovely pink choice that isn’t as weird as millennial pink or bright as fuchsia rose. Darker tones are sophisticated and creative at the same time. While bright red is fiery and certainly brings energy to any room it is painted in, deep pink can do exactly the same but a little less jarring.

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Don’t underestimate the impact of the right wall paint on your home office. Not only is color an easy way to freshen up a drab room, but the right paint color can help boost productivity—after all, some paint colors are believed to have positive psychological effects.

The Best Paint Colors For Your Home Office

Studies even suggest that certain shades help stimulate the brain, while other colors are said to reduce stress levels. “Workspaces are all about productivity, so you want to choose a paint color that will keep your energy focused while also having a calming effect,” says Nicole Gibbons, interior designer and founder of Klar. “Even a controlled pop of color in a flower arrangement can spark creativity.”

If you’re looking for a classic paint color for your home office suit, try a chocolate brown, says Christina Phillips of Christina

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