Washer Dryers At Home Depot – Jenn Woodhouse of House of Wood surprises her parents with a beautiful laundry room for spring! See below which products reproduce its parent space.

Spring is officially here, which means it’s spring cleaning time! What better room to start than the laundry room? This is the only place dedicated to home cleaning. Can you believe that here in this magical cleaning room, we have shiny machines that literally clean all things at the push of a button?! Oh yes.

Washer Dryers At Home Depot

We’re serial renters (military life!), so when The Home Depot asked me to remodel the laundry room, I knew just the right place. My parents have wanted to update their laundry room for years, so we were excited to work with them on this laundry room upgrade. I flew from Texas to my parents’ house in Nashville to finish this laundry room makeover over spring break and we were done in less than a week! It was so much fun – Home Depot made the whole process so easy – they were our one stop shop for spring cleaning.

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Let’s start with some nice ‘before’ pictures so you can see where we started. Are you ready for this?

Does this place inspire you to clean? It certainly doesn’t do it for me – I need all the motivation I can get when it comes to cleaning.

I don’t know why the home builder decided to put the dryer outlet on the left and the water pipes on the right. I think it makes more sense to work from left to right. Washing machine on the left, dryer on the right – am I right?! Maybe it’s a design choice.

Another interesting design choice is how the water lines and power socket are placed against the wall: how poetic! I mean, look at them – they’re not even on the same level. (Am I the only one who gets annoyed by these things?)

Electrolux 8 Cu. Ft. Vented Front Load Stackable Electric Dryer In Titanium With Luxcare Dry And Perfect Steam Elfe7637at

Since I was planning to add a counter above the washer and dryer, we had a plumber and electrician move the water lines and power outlet down so they wouldn’t interfere with the counter lines. Then we glued the plaster.

Okay, now that the nit-picky stuff is taken care of, let’s get started on this laundry room makeover. You can see how a few small improvements like cabinets and counters can make a world of difference.

These Hampton Bay Shaker Cabinets in Dove Gray add more functionality and storage to the room! We ordered them and the good news: since they are in stock, they will be delivered in 3 days or less! They were pre-assembled – we just had to hang them on the wall.

Hanging wall shelves may seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think! First, you need to remove the doors from the cabinets. Simply unscrew the hinges and doors and set them aside. Then use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall. The boxes are screwed to the studs in the wall with 2 ½-inch wood screws.

Lg 4.5 Cu. Ft. Smart Electric All In One Washer Dryer Combo In Black Steel With Steam & Turbowash Technology Wm3998hba

To make this job much easier, use a ledger board – a scrap 2×4 board that can be temporarily placed to act as a ledge for the cabinets to rest on while you attach them to the wall. Determine how tall you want the cabinets to be, then screw the ledger board to the wall studs. Make sure this board is stable. Next, lift the cabinet casing up against the wall, place it on the ledger board, and screw the cabinets to the wall studs. Replace doors and install cabinet pulls. After the boxes are hung, remove the ledger board, patch any holes in the wall and repaint. Simple, right?

Now that we’ve hung the cabinets, it’s time to install the counter. Home Depot called on one of their local Nashville vendors, Stone World TN, to fabricate and install the countertop. The whole process was incredibly easy from start to finish – the people at Stone World were quick, communicative and friendly.

We chose Viatera Rococo, a beautiful quartz counter. First, I determined the height of the counter – tall enough to fit under the washer and dryer, allowing for a few inches of clearance. Then I screwed the 2×4 clamps to the studs on the wall and checked the position.

The counter rests on these 2×4 clamps. I also made a base frame out of ¾-inch plywood to support the weight of the counter. Then, on the day of installation, the guys from Stone World simply laid the counter and sealed the joints with silicone.

Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. Stacked Washer And 8.0 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer Laundry Tower In Titanium, Smartboost Premixing, Energy Star Elte7600at

We chose a full ¼ round edge profile to match the counters in my parent’s house. I can’t get over how beautiful this counter is! Thank you Stone World TN!

My mom likes a clean house, so Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Spray is our go-to product when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces in her home.

If stains are difficult to remove, we use Shout Trigger Stain Remover to pre-treat the fabric before putting it in the washer. I have to be a grass stain remover now – I’m sure I get more than my share. #Boy mom

Of course, Tide HE Liquid Detergent and Fluffy Fabric Softener are staples in both of our homes. This liquid soap is made for high capacity machines.

Ge 7.2 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer In White With Sensor Dry Gtd45easjws

We got this GE High Efficiency Front Load Washer and GE Electric Front Load Dryer from Home Depot.

Yes please! Give me all the options! I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I absolutely love the ‘purify’ setting. So was my mother. She is a pure idiot. Could it be hereditary?

This weekend my sister went into town to join in the fun. It’s a family affair! I asked her to model my hand and this is what she gave me:

The dryer is no less impressive. All kinds of textures make me feel so luxurious. I especially like the ‘Steam Refresh’ and ‘Steam Detangle’ features. If you’re like me, you forget about those clean clothes in the dryer for days. This system helps you pretend you have it together and that you’re making smart life decisions.

Lg 4.5 Cu. Ft. Stackable Front Load Washer In White With Coldwash Technology Wm3400cw

This handy little ClosetMaid wire tub is great for organizing. After all the laundry is folded, I can separate it into different tubs and then take the tubs to their respective owners. Work smarter, not harder, right?

I thought it would be wise for my family members to do their own laundry. #I give up

This Swiffer Duster is ideal for dusting garden shutters and blinds. Like a moth to a firefly, dust is magically drawn to the duster. The extension arm helps reach hard-to-reach areas. It also works great for dusting ceiling fan blades!

I love that this decorative wire chrome heavy duty shelving unit provides extra storage space. These decorative plastic storage baskets and Sterilite 64-Qt. Lockable storage cabinets keep everything neat and tidy.

Ge 2.4 Cu. Ft. Compact White 120 Volt Ventless Electric All In One Washer Dryer Combo Gfq14essnww

My dad loves his new Dyson V7 cordless stick vacuum. This makes cleaning a breeze. Now I want one for my own home! Unfortunately it won’t fit in my hand luggage. (I tried.)

My mom uses these Sterileite locking storage towels to store extra linens and blankets. We like them to be clear so you can easily see what’s inside.

Home Depot made this laundry room makeover super easy to plan, shop for, and complete in less than a week. My parents absolutely love their new laundry room, and I want to spend my spring break improving this neglected space in their house. Thank you Home Depot!

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After living in our current home for almost 2 years, I finally decided to take some time out and give my laundry room some love. My only regret is that it took so long to get there! I spend a good amount of time in the laundry room every day. It’s true that I’m not very fond of laundry, but now I’m happy to report that I love my laundry room. By taking the time to refresh it and make some necessary upgrades, I now enjoy it a little more.

Honestly, a fresh coat of paint and texture can take your laundry room from a torture chamber to a peaceful center of cleanliness. But if

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